Let’s Find Out How Expert You Are In Your Cup Of Coffee


Coffee is not all about the taste and pleasure we get to it, but when you’re a coffee lover you should always know how to differentiate the coffee characteristics, compare and contrast them by identifying each aroma, acidity, body, and flavor.

Aroma – Sometimes we get hooked up in a cup of Joe because of its aroma. These distinctive aromas are directly corresponding to the coffee flavors it could be spicy, earthy, florally, nutty or others depending on the type and roast of the coffee.

Acidity – There is no such thing as “low-acid coffee” because all coffee beans have a natural acid that occurs in the coffee roasting process. Low-acid coffee feels smooth in the mouth and lingers while coffee with high-acid is described as bright, tangy and crisp with clean finish. This coffee acidity affects the coffee’s final flavor. Nowadays people are switching to coffee with low-acid to prevent heartburn and acid reflux.

Body – Have you observed the weight of your coffee? It’s not in grams but how it feels on your tongue. Does it feel light or full in your mouth? You can feel the weight of full-bodied coffee on your tongue, and the flavor lingers, while light-bodied coffee feels light and don’t linger.

Flavor – We love our cup of Joe because of its flavor the way coffee taste are different from one another. There are flavors of citrus, cocoa, and the most common are the berry coffee, which is good for roasting and often taste strong or subtle.

These are the common characteristics of your everyday coffee knowing them will bring you more knowledge to your daily cup of Joe.