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What do you have in mind the first time you heard the word gourmet coffee? For me when I first heard gourmet coffee, it sounds sexy and very desirable, and I am not wrong with my idea. Gourmet coffee – is a specialty coffee cultivated by experts and not available to all coffee houses but you can get them to coffee traders.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


“A person who cultivates a discriminating palate for the enjoyment of good food and drink.”

“A class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality (to underline the most essential), of special presentation, or high sophistication.”

It is not enough that we know gourmet coffee means specialty coffee because there were a lot of things you need to know before you can fully understand the meaning of gourmet coffee. In the coffee industry when we talk about gourmet coffee, it means coffee are grown all over the world. The process of growing coffee beans differs from one another because of climate, soil, cultivation, pesticide and chemicals used to help them grow. But only a few are deserving to be entitled gourmet coffee so, why is it?

It is true that we can call all coffee tree in the world a gourmet coffee, whether that is just a wild coffee tree that grows in your backyard. But we need to take into consideration the proper care and cultivation of these coffee trees that nurses by the people who loves their work.

Gourmet coffee has a high value in the market because on how was done. Making a specialty coffee takes a lot of processes to perfect it. The roasting process is important in making gourmet coffee because this is where we can determine how strong the flavors and aroma our coffee beans will become. Choosing the right bean roaster will seriously influence your roasting process. The second point is what I stated above.

If you are a first timer to drink coffee and want to try a gourmet coffee, it is best to buy your coffee beans to your local coffee traders and ask them questions what are the best coffee beans and their differences.

There is nothing special about your favorite gourmet coffee you often order to your favorite coffee house because gourmet flavored coffee means, nothing but a roasted coffee adding just a flavoring to make it interesting.

Gourmet coffee is the highest quality in the market. Because in perfecting a specialty coffee, it implies high expenses which make it more costly. We can only say a coffee is a gourmet when there are a proper nurture, coffee roasting, and grinding. That is why a good coffee should be grown and process by people who love their work and not just by any. Only then it can be considered a coffee a gourmet coffee.