Muggles Mugs in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania | Coffee Shop Review

Lounge area inside the Harry Potter Theme Muggles Mug in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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This cafe in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania is a unique shop to get your java and feel magical in every sip. Muggles Mug Coffee Shop in Jim Thorpe is a new favorite coffee shop of the locals around Pennsylvania.

Everybody who visits this coffee shop in the Carbon County Pennsylvania was astounded by the concept because just like the name itself Muggles Mugs offers a magical brew where costumers love it.

Eggnog Elixir ✨🧙🏻‍♀️

Posted by Muggles Mug Coffee Shop on Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Muggles Mug Coffee Shop

Kacie Klotz, the owner of Muggles Mugs in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania has envisioned during her college days to open up a coffee shop which had become part of her college journey.

Kacie’s vision is to have a coffee shop on Broadway in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Her dream became a reality, because of her interest in coffee and love with Harry Potter born the Muggles Mugs Cafe.

If you are also an avid fan of Harry Potter or anything related to magic, or just curious and wanted to have a unique place to check and get your java, Muggles Mugs in Jim Thorpe is a place to look up.

Everybody who visits this cafe is nothing but a reaction of bewilderment with the magical concept of the coffee shop. Walking in feels like you are inside one of the Hogwarts room where the coaches covered with blankets inspired by Harry Potter gives a dreamy atmosphere. The cafe also has a chess board game where you can play along with your friends, and books that can accompany you while lounging on the comfy couch and sipping one of their magical coffee. Inside the cafe in an enchanting mystery even in their coffee.

Chess Board Games of the Muggles Mug Cafe in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Photo credit to Spoonie-mama

Not only you, but your kiddos will surely be enjoying to stay in this magical coffee shop. There is also a cozy corner inspired by the Ravenclaw House where the entire family and the gang can snugly sit and have a marathon movie watching the complete season of the Harry Potter.

cool coffee house
“Love their coffee flavors. Always very friendly service.Gluten-free and vegan options for baked goods. Locals should try to go during the week as weekends can get crowded with tourists.”

Their menu is to die for all the names were inspired by the names in Harry Potter like eggnog elixirs and the Phoenix. According to Spoonie-mama blog who is a fan of the shop, she said that the Deathly Hallows Latte with a chocolate and orange taste is an absolute surprise to her husband that makes him loved the coffee.

Muggle Mugs has also some tasty treat for the kiddos where they offer chocolate drink and a Golden Snitch cookie which makes the kids giggle in every bite. The peanut butter dragon egg is also for the win where the entire family will surely savor.

Since the Muggles Mug open, they have become an additional tourist attraction in Pennsylvania, where a lot of locals and tourist are driving in Jim Thorpe to have a magical experience in the Muggles Mug Cafe.

“The line went out the door and down the street. It was chaos,” Klotz said.

Potter heads rejoice
“Great coffee shop with a Harry Potter theme. Quiche and baked goods along with a variety of beverage choices. Specialty lattes with the Harry Potter Theme. I highly recommend this business.”
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