The New Fairgrounds Coffee in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is a Whimsical place for Coffee Lovers

Inside the new Fairground Coffee in Milwaukee

When asked, what are the best coffee shops in America, the Fairgrounds Coffee is always included in the coffee lovers A-listers for coffee shops that serve the best coffee. Before the year ends, the said coffee shop is ending their 2019 with a bang opening their new store in Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

The newly debuted Fairgrounds Coffee in Milwaukee is said to have a whimsical opening featuring roasters from around the nation, a robust tea program in collaboration with Rishi Tea, and a chef-driven menu of breakfast and lunch items. It is absolutely a fantastic opening for the new Fairgrounds Coffee location.

Fairgrounds CEO Michael Schultz said, “We went through at least 15th-floor plans for this cafe,” “When I look at a space, I’m paying attention to the energy, how the light hits the space. I also want to pay homage to the building. All of those things have an impact on the guest experience.”

The coffee company has understood the pulse of their coffee lovers, of which they only not focus on the quality of their coffee, but they also give a superb experience with their premises. The new Fairground location shows magic and excitement that is why it is said to be a whimsical experience for the guest. Walking inside you can see the Fairgrounds trademark giant “F” lit with carnival bulbs, a plenty of whimsical fair-focused paraphernalia, a wooden swings on the Island bar area which everybody loved, cozy upholstered banquettes which you can lounge in with your family or friends, a marble top tables that are sleek, and touches of hanging Chemex which balance the playful vibe into a coffee shop.

“The day we opened the first Fairgrounds in Bucktown, people were astounded,” says Schultz. “‘You must have scoured the earth for this!’ they said. And I was so floored. I’d actually gone to the manufacturer to look at the item the week before, and I asked them for a bat. They looked at me so strangely but gave me one. And I took a bat to it, busted up the fluorescent lights and we repainted the dings. And it became perfect. That’s now a tradition. All the dents and dings have a purpose.”

Ultimately, says Schultz, the sign embodies what Fairgrounds stands for.

“Fairgrounds is like an old T-shirt,” says Schultz. “It’s falling apart, but you love it. And you feel like it’s the most comfortable item of clothing you love. And that’s what we want Fairgrounds to be for people — comfortable, familiar, lived in.”

What’s unique on every Fairground store is they put personal touches, which is not simply lovely but also refreshing. You can tell that inside the store there was a story going, and not just simply a place to drink a cup of coffee.

“My Grandpa Irv was my hero,” says Schultz. “He was an entrepreneur. And he was the kindest man. You hear the expression: he’d give you the shirt off his back, and he did that. And he was criticized for not being a great businessman, but he cared. And I want people to see that in my work, and to come back to my kids and tell them stories about me. The reason I’m here is to make the world a bit better.”

Fairground Coffee is not only catering coffee for adults, but for everybody, that is why they also have a kid-friendly menu where the young ones can also enjoy delicious food like scrambled eggs and toast, turkey sliders, and PB&J roll-ups, and more.

“As a father of four children, it bothers me to see everyone so obsessed with technology. But you hand them one and the children are intrigued … they think it’s some kind of red iPad … and the parents get nostalgic. Ultimately, they’re interacting with one another instead of their phones.” – Schultz’s

Fairground Coffee offers an ample variety of menu not only coffee, but they also have noncaffeinated beverages for everybody to try like the blue and green-hued Flower Power Milk Tea with matcha, jasmine butterfly pea flower tea, jasmine simple syrup and a choice of whole or coconut milk.

Of course, their coffee is still the star on the menu, which they feature roasts from Colectivo Coffee, Spyhouse Coffee Roasters (Minneapolis), Verve (Los Angeles), Dark Matter Coffee (Chicago) and Stumptown (Portland, Oregon).

Along with these beverages, they also serve breakfast like the classic avocado toast prepared with seasonal toppings and completed with an egg on top, and a variety of sandwiches like turkey and brie to roasted vegetables and roast beef. They also have salads if you have one.

Schultz says, “as I built my companies, I wanted to create a culture where you could be a mom and a CEO. Where you had the flexibility to take time off for family and live a quality life. And I wanted to leave a legacy for my children. I wasn’t afraid of being poor, but I was afraid of looking back at my life and wondering ‘what if?’

“No one counts your stuff when you’re gone. But the impact you made matters.” – Schultz

This article is originally posted in OnMilwaukee by  Lori Fredrich.