The Nutella Cafe, New York City

The New Nutella Cafe in New York City by Ferrero
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The all-time favorite chocolate sandwich spread by many has opened their second location in Manhattan. A lot are drooling over to the newest Nutella Cafe, New York City, which opened last year.

Nutella is a favorite hazelnut chocolate spread by many manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, since 1965.

Nutella Cafe New York Crepe Station

Hence the popularity of the Nutella the company has decided to open their very own cafe filled with Nutella goodness, where chocolate lovers can indulge with their favorite chocolate spread.

The first flagship store of the company is in Chicago opened in May 2017, because people can’t get over of the Nutella goodness the company opens up their second Nutella Cafe in New York City.

Inside Nutella Cafe New York
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“We are thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of the Nutella Cafe New York in one of the greatest culinary cities in the world,” said Rick Fossali, vice president of operations, Nutella Cafe. “The response to our first Nutella Cafe in Chicago has been outstanding, and we cannot wait to treat New Yorkers and tourists alike to a wonderfully delicious Nutella experience showcasing the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product.”

Inside the second store in New York is a Nutella heaven. If you are having a hard time looking for your favorite Nutella spread in grocery stores, you can find all the Nutella merchandises at the new Nutella Cafe New York, from the chocolate spread in all sizes, Nutella inspired tumblers, mugs, and unique Nutella spreaders.

Walking in the Netulla Cafe Newyork is a lalaland, the interior showcases the signature red and white color of the brand. Aside from the Nutella merchandises, the cafe has a dedicated crepe making station alongside the huge board drop of Nutella lettering where you can take a selfie and share it to your Instagram. Everything inside the Nutella Cafe is Instagramable and drool-worthy, and costumers can even create by themselves a Nutella base treat on the Spread The Happy section of the cafe. Costumers will have the ultimate Nutella experience of their life where they can choose from a Nutella-filled crepe, Li├Ęge waffle, French toast, or more, before putting additional toppings and fillings.

Jars of Nutella Spread inside the new Nutella Cafe in New York

With a delicious treat in every corner of the Nutella Cafe tourist and resident of New York will sure get excited. Everything inside the cafe are freshly baked with all Nutella goodness, and the highlight of their menu that you should try is the Pound Cake Panzanella which is a favorite from the patrons in Nutella Chicago, Grilled Baguette, and exclusive items that are only available in the New York location, such as the; Hazelnut Blondies with Nutella hazelnut spread; multi-grain Piccolino (“little one” in Italian) freshly baked Croissants; Grilled Banana Bread with Nutella, warmed & topped with fresh banana slices and toasted hazelnuts; Chia and Hemp seed pudding, topped with Nutella and fresh banana slices.

Nutella-Gelato available at the Nutella Cafe New York
Nutella Cafe New York

They also serve a Nutella frozen pop which your kiddos will surely love. The frozen pop is a Nutella base gelato that is a perfect treat for the summer. For someone who is looking for some tasty drinks, do not worry because they also serve a variety of Nutella infused drinks which you will be on the Nutella cloud-9 when you taste it.

Some of the Nutella infused drink that a must try is the Nutella Latte which is a signature drink of the cafe. Of course, we are not surprised by this drink because we know that coffee and Nutella is a perfect combination.

We hope that Ferrero will open more branches of there Nutella Cafe in other cities because we cannot wait to experience the Nutella goodness they offer.

Source:  PR Newswire |insider

Nutella cafe in New York is located at 116 University Place and opens seven days a week.