Oat Milk Is the New Substitute For the Almond Milk Coffee

Oat Milk Is the New Substitute For the Almond Milk Coffee

Can you drink your morning Joe without adding creamer or milk in it? Well, some of us love black coffee and can drink up straight, but most of us cannot live without creamer or milk in our morning coffee.

Coffee is the second traded commodity in the world next to oil this is the evidence that our love in coffee is growing and as time goes by, we develop a lot of things to improve and enjoy more our daily cups of coffee by adding creamer, sugar, milk and other spices in it.

The most common additives we add to our coffee is the Almond milk, and because of this, the almond milk has become a billion pound industry. Our love for plant-based dairy has gone global, and it’s skyrocketing in the market. But there is a new trend today where people start putting oat milk in their morning coffee, this trend is new for many, and it’s a cruelty-free substitute for the Almond Milk as of the moment.

Oat milk is a dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free formula made from blending steel-cut oats, and water together, and then separating the liquid from the solid mulch. The mixture sounds a little crazy and looks like unwholesome, but coffee lovers are complementing it for its malty taste, creamy texture and similarities in a constitution to cow’s milk. It also works well when heated, can be foamed up into lattes and doesn’t curdle or split in the pan. It sounds promising, right?

Well, they said that this trend is not new, but adding oat milk to our morning Joe sounds very new to us, so we are excited to try it out to our morning Joe. Nordic countries like Sweden have been drinking it for decades. The Swedes have even developed an entire drinks menus riffing on the oaty drink – like cappuccino, cortado, and macchiato. Today the oat milk is catching in the artisan coffee shops and organic supermarkets in the UK.

One of the brands leading the charge is Oatly, a Swedish company that has been selling oat milk since 1990. With 0% added sugar, 4 grams of protein and around 120 calories per cup, the drink has struck a chord with health-conscious millennials globally, and it’s now stocked in Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Starbucks also made the decision to introduce oat milk into their UK menu last year.

Holland & Barrett nutritionist Emily Rollason says “oat milk actually has a host of benefits that render it superior its other dairy-free competitors, namely it’s incredibly low-fat content. A carton of oat milk has around 0.5g fat, of which there is 0.1g is saturated fat per 100ml in comparison, almond milk has 1.3g fat in total, 0.4g of which are saturated.”

As well as promising a slimmer waistline, switching to oat milk could have cardiovascular benefits for coffee drinkers too. “Oats contain beta-glucans,” says Rollason, “natural sugars that are thought to have a protective effect for heart health, and may aid with lowering LDL cholesterol levels.“

Oat milk also provides satisfaction for lactose-intolerant diners because it’s non-dairy base product. So people who watch their waistline and prefer a non-dairy base alternative to Almond Milk this Oat Milk is a must try.

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Source: Irish Examiner