Putting Camel’s Milk In Your Coffee Is The Latest Trend Today


Have you heard about the camel’s milk on coffee? For some of you might be doing this for a long time and some of you might just hear this for the first time.

Well, camels’ milk on coffee is the latest trend today in the coffee high-street. You might be using the delicious cow’s milk for a milkier taste or an almond milk for a kick to a nutty degree. But you might get hooked up ones you tried putting the camel’s milk on your morning coffee.

People these days are now putting camel’s milk in their cup of Joe. Yes, you heard it right! Camel’s milk is now conquering all coffee cups in the US.

During the past years, camel’s milk is used only as an alternative to cow’s milk, and nuts milk. but today this bad boy is the latest trend in the coffee business.

“Camel milk has been used for centuries as a natural remedy in the Middle East, Asian and North African cultures. Nomads and Bedouins rely on its nutritional and medicinal properties. Entire tribes have lived on the benefits of camel milk entirely or with few other foods, such as dates, for months in the harsh desert climate, without any apparent loss of health. The United Nations hailed the nutritional value of camel milk in 2006 and predicted higher consumption once it became easier for consumers to buy. Now you can buy camel milk from Desert Farms, produced right here in the US.”

How does it actually taste?

Camel milk tastes just like milk—because it is milk! It does have a distinctive taste – slightly salty, some say, but always deliciously smooth, refreshing and fulfilling. People are surprised when they first drink it, because they don’t know what to expect. Then they say, “Hey, it’s just like milk.” And not only do they like it, their kids will drink it too!

Camel’s milk is indeed nutritious with three times as much Vitamin C as cow milk and high levels of iron, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids,

Hmmm..sounds interesting?

The great news is we can now get fresh camel’s milk to Desert Farms who made camel’s milk commercially available in the U.S for the first time,

So, now you can enjoy a fresh camel’s milk to your cup of coffee and you don’t need to go in the Middle East just to try this amazing new discovery in the world of coffee.

Source: Desert Farms