Will robot baristas are the new human baristas?

Robot Barista
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With the advancement of technologies, people are becoming more unproductive because we are already relying on the luxury of technologies today, not only that but because of the constant development of technology many people are being laid off, because of today robots are substituting humans and taking over the jobs.

Just like the trend now in the coffee industry were some coffee shops are beginning to use robot baristas, this is a bit alarming not because they will be replacing human baristas (well, might be in the future), but the culture and quality of the coffee are slowly waning.

However, coffee lovers have mixed opinions and reactions regarding the robot barista imports. A tech company in Austin, Texas have started to develop this robot barista that can also give the same quality and experience just like having your cup of coffee made by expert baristas. The tech company also want to make the coffee-drinking experience more convenient for the same price as getting a cup of Starbucks coffee made by robot baristas.

“I think it’s super cool. It’s so innovative. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really fun to watch your coffee getting made by a robot,” said Wendy Cummings, who just received her drink made by the robot barista.

The high-tech barista is fitted inside a kiosk and featured a robotic arm that brews a fresh cup of high-quality coffee at any time of the day. According to Charles Studor, Briggo’s founder, this robot baristas can also help in mending the issues in global warming.

“Coffee is ubiquitous, and this problem that we’re solving is common around the world. The problem is very high-quality coffee that’s convenient, that’s consistent, done just the way you like and that is very efficient in the use of the beans and the raw materials,” Studor said.

This robot barista has its own Bringgo mobile app that costumers can download to their mobile phones which provides convenience to every coffee lovers. In the mobile app, you can customize your orders and go to the robot barista to get your cuppa java.

“It’s perfect to just not wait in lines, just getting there picking your coffee, and you’re good to go for the day,” said Astrid Chacon, who just tried a robot-made coffee.

Will robot baristas are the new human baristas?

As what we stated this is a bit alarming and who knows if this might be the future of the coffee industry, but it’s a long way ride before we get there. And big coffee chains like Starbucks are still improving and supporting the coffee farming communities that supply their coffee.

“It’s going to take a little bit of time, but I’m sure we’re going to be having this instead of Starbucks,” Chacon said.

While others have positive and negative opinions about this new technologies, Studor believes robot and human baristas can serve different coffee needs.

“It’s a big market. There are specialty coffee shops where there are high-quality trained baristas that I don’t think we’ll ever replace. I mean, there is a place and time for those. But there’s a lot of places around. Think about a hospital in the middle of the night. Where is the quality of coffee there? Where is it at 5:30 in the morning at the airport? And so, we want to get that quality experience in all those places that are really underserved,” Studor said.

The Briggo robot baristas are only available in the Austin area, and the company plans to put up a robot kiosk in the Austin Airport and plans to expand in other major Texas cities, and bound to United States East and West Coast.

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