Seven Airports That Served The Best Pre-flight Coffee

Paul at Dubai International Airport. Paul is a French chain of bakery/cafe restaurants.
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Most of the airports don’t have a decent coffee shop and a lot of times passengers who are waiting on their boarding time settle for a mediocre cup of pre-flight coffee. But not all airports served an ordinary coffee because there are seven airports in the world have the best cafes where you can get your java before going on board.

Guava & Java – Philadelphia International Airport

Guava & Java - Philadelphia International Airport

You might think that this is just an ordinary coffee shop stop, but the Guava & Java is a world-renowned La Colombe, known for its seven single-origin blends made with beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia. And this coffee shop is where the actor Leonardo Di Caprio has charity collaborated their signature brew Lyon, which all proceeds go to his environmental foundation.

Caffe Pascucci – Seoul Incheon International Airport, Korea

Caffe Pascucci -- Seoul Incheon International Airport , Korea
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We’ve heard a lot of news lately about the big coffee chains expanding in Asia, and Asian people now are slowly embracing the coffee culture. Seoul Incheon International Airport has a hidden coffee shop where you can grab a high-quality Joe before your flight. Caffe Pascucci had been specializing in cappuccinos since 1883; and with a vibe more evocative of a swanky bar than a cafe, you won’t even feel like you’re at the airport.

Paul — Dubai International Airport

Paul at Dubai International Airport. Paul is a French chain of bakery/cafe restaurants.
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You can see all the luxury in Dubai from buildings to sports cars and the rare animal pets they have. Paul is a fancy French cafe located in Dubai’s International Airport with a touch of sophistication, that only uses posh local beans, and bakes an assortment of tasty pastries and macaroons.

Dome — Perth Airport

Dome coffee Shop, Inside Perth Domestic Airport

Perth Airport got some of the best coffee beans in town that is why you will be surely satisfied with your pre-flight Java before going on board. Dome coffee shop, located inside Perth Airport served the best coffee and uses single-origin -coffee beans from Columbia and Costa Rica. Dome is a cozy shop where you can sit and relax while waiting for your flight. The coffee shop has a polished brass and varnished wood that feels more like a throwback European cafe than an airport coffee shop. Aussies and tourist say the coffee shop has the best hand-roasted dirt on the market.

Metropolis Coffee — Chicago O’Hare Airport

Metropolis Coffee Company Inside Chicago O'Hare Airport
This photo of Metropolis Coffee Company is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Chicago O’Hare is the third busiest airport in the US, and they also have the best pre-flight cuppa for there passengers. The Metropolis Schweik’s Blend is the brew to try; described as “cognac-like”, it’s a full-bodied beast with hints of orange, jasmine, and caramel.

Mojo Cafe — Wellington International Airport

Mojo cafe Inside Wellington International Airport

A well-loved boutique roastery in Wellington, Mojo puts an emphasizes on “crop to cup” and brews a variety of single-origin Guatemalan, Ethiopian, and Peruvian blends. Their signature house java, though, is Dr. Mojo’s Medicine, which rocks ”

Joe and the Juice — Copenhagen Airport

Joe & The Juice Inside Copenhagen Airport
Joe & The Juice

We save the best for last! When it comes to the best airport coffee shop, the Copenhagen Airport is the winner in our list. Joe and the Juice were named the best airport coffee shop by the Airport Food and Beverage Awards. Joe & The Juice is a lively spot with a bustling vibe and live lunch-time tunes. They served some kick-ass juices, and brew up some seriously sexy coffee, including an eccentric signature ginger latte.

Source Thrillist