South Korea’s Dreamy Cafe Is The Coolest Cafe In The World

Family picture of the owner of the Dreamy Cafe in Yangpyeong County South Korea

A perfect cafe to relax, sip coffee, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Wondering where to go on your next coffee escapade this 2018?Well, you landed on the right page because we are going on a trip to the land of Oppas in South Korea. Let’s explore Korea’s cuties and coolest cafe in the world the Dreamy Cafe in Yangpyeong County 50 miles East of Seoul.

The dreamy cafe in Yangpyeong County South Korea

The dreamy cafe is a brainchild of the two camera-obsessed retired Army Aviation pilots couples. This cafe is a lifelong dream for the couple to build a cafe resembling a vintage German Rolleiflex film camera.

The interiors of the dreamy cafe were design, and custom built by the couples. The cafe was built in 2012 and located beside their home. Ever since the opening of the dreamy cafe, this has become a popular tourist attraction.

The dreamy cafe beside the owners’ house.

Inside there are two floors of cozy coffee consumption with a decor that is dominated by vintage cameras ranging from miniature toys to real antique contraptions. Each floor has a large bay window that together, from the exterior, make up the dual lenses of the Rolleiflex camera the building is modeled after. The decor inside the cafe is equally ecstatic about photography with film negatives sitting on each coffee table, and even toilet paper that is made to look like a film reel.

Inside interior of the dreamy house cafe in South Korea

While the first floor of the cafe is devoted to a sort of camera museum, the second floor is home to a small gallery of photography, which patrons are welcome to try and submit their own work too. Or they can simply enjoy the rather amazing, uninterrupted view of the Korean mountains.

The daughter puts the finishing touches on the menu of the dreamy cafe in South Korea

The Dreamy Cafe is a perfect place to go when you want to escape the hustling and bustling street of the city. So if ever you are planning to visit Seoul Korea this new year, don’t forget to visit this cool, and cute cafe in Yangpyeong County South Korea.

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vintage German Rolleiflex film camera at the dreamy cafe
Small kitchen area inside the Dreamy cafe
Vintage camera collections