Starbucks Debuts Its First Nitro Cold Brew In India.

Starbucks marks a new chapter in coffee innovation announcing its launch of Nitro Cold Brew in India.

Outside Tata Starbucks India

When it comes to the big coffee chain, it is no longer surprising to its consumer if they surpass beyond consumers expectation or they go huger in domination globally.

Tata Starbucks, the joint venture of Starbucks US and Tata Global Beverages has announced their debut with their new generation of coffee for the first time in India with Nitro Cold Brew on tap.

Announcing their Nitro Cold Brew in India for the first time marks Starbucks’ next chapter of coffee innovation. With India’s leading global innovation in coffee for over four decades, Starbucks uses the highest quality coffee beans to unfold the Nitro Cold Brew irresistible coffee experience where time meets texture.

The Nitro Cold Brew coffee delivers a high-quality drink having 48 hours of each cup in the making, resulting in a super-smooth, naturally sweet coffee that cascades from the tap with a velvety, creamy texture which customers can see and taste.

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew will offer the costumers an elevated coffee experience through the newest take on its signature Cold Brew.

“At Starbucks, innovation is always brewing. We take great pride in partnering with customers in their journey of coffee exploration. We are pleased to introduce StarbucksĀ® Nitro Cold Brew in India, taking our Cold Brew craft to a whole new level,” said Veetika Deoras, head – Marketing, Category, and Digital at Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. “It is a sensorial coffee drinking experience, and one that has the potential to redefine the language of coffee in India.”

The Starbucks cold brew is available will be available across all Starbucks outlet in India. while the Starbucks nitro cold brew is currently exclusively available in 5 stores across India: Mumbai, Kamala Mills | Bangalore, Jaya Nagar | Delhi, Green Park | Noida, DLF Mall of India | Kolkata, Park Mansions.