Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino Will Be Just In Time For Halloween.

Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino

The giant coffee chain did it again, surprising their patrons with their Halloween beverage that will be available for the season.

The rumored new drink will be called Zombie Frappuccino and was said to be available just in time for the Halloween. The drink, which follows on the tail of the store’s infamous Unicorn and Mermaid frappuccinos, will consist of green caramel apple powder, pink powder, pink “brains” whipped cream and a “pink mocha drizzle,” according to the apparent recipe.

Starbucks Zombie Frappucino

Until now Starbucks did not confirm yet the rumored beverage giving the public an element of surprise on what’s new to come this season. However, a word is leaking out from baristas on social media saying the drink will be available on October 26. That is why many were excited to try this new Halloween drink from Starbucks.

Like its colorful predecessors, the Zombie Frappuccino is bound to be popular — the advertising proclaims “You’ll lose your mind!” — and will likely be very limited due to the scarcity of ingredients, so you’re going to want to act quickly to get your hands on one.