Sumatran Coffee The Finest Coffee In The Market


Coffee lovers probably know everything about the types of coffee beans and might be some of you are first-time coffee drinkers and want to expand your knowledge about coffee. Often, we only heard about Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that commonly sold in the market. But did you know that among dark coffee lovers Sumatran coffee is a choice by many?

Sumatran coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Sumatra – one of the largest Islands in Indonesia. Thou Sumatran coffee, was not widely popularized in the market but they have their unique taste and subtle flavor. The taste has a big difference when it comes to South American coffee this is because of the difference in soil and climate.

In Arabica and Rubosta, processing the coffee bean is done through the wet or dry process, but Sumatran coffee is process in a different way. Traditional Sumatran coffee is processed through the pulp of the fruit remain attached to the beans for a longer time.

Coffee experts say that through this process the attachment of the skin is fermenting pulp to the bean for a longer period that imparts some of Sumatra coffee’s unique flavors.

Perfect for dark roasting

Sumatra coffee beans are well-suited for dark roasting. This coffee has become popular in the United States through Peet’s Coffee, known for its dark-roast coffee beans.

The Sumatran Mandheling is the most popular and well-known coffee in Indonesia. Some say that this is the finest coffee available anywhere, and for coffee lovers, this is one of the best and unique coffee that is a must try to all coffee drinkers.

Aside from its unique quality, Sumatran coffee is organic coffee beans that are suitable for coffee drinkers who prefer organic coffee drink.  Although nowadays commercial coffee is now practiced in Sumatra, but still most of the coffee trees were still grown in a traditional way.

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