Ten Coffee Shops To Visit In China


With the last year’s announcement of Starbucks opening their largest Roastery in Shanghai China coffee lovers around the world is excited to take a peek at it. So if you want to see up close in personal the largest Starbucks Reserved Roastery in Shanghai China, this is the perfect month to pack your bags and join the celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival while visiting the largest roastery.

Of course, while you’re in the city and having fun you can also check this unique coffee shops located in Beijing China.

Fantizi Café

As a coffee lover who’s visiting China, you should not miss Fantizi Café, because there is nowhere in Beijing like it. Fantizi Café is not a typical café where you just sit and sip your coffee because inside the café you can study, and practice traditional Chinese characters while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The café is owned by a Taiwanese owner whose mission is to promote the old language, which is still used frequently in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but not so much in mainland China.The owner even offers a 10% discount to anyone who completes a Chinese calligraphy paper.

Maoxiaoyuan Cat Café

If you are a cat lover the Maoxiaoyuan Cat Café is a perfect place for you to visit. Located in a hutong near the Yindian Bridge, the café is a cat kingdom hidden in Houhai, one of the busiest areas in Beijing. You are welcome to stroke and play with the cats, and learn about their personalities from their profiles printed on boards on the wall. Remember to put their signature Cat Claw Cotton Candy into your coffee, which makes cuter-than-cute cat claw patterns, bound to generate hundreds of likes on Instagram.

Lian Coffee


Walking around the streets of Beijing is quite tiring so if you are looking for a place to sit down and relax the Lian Coffee is a perfect place for you to visit for an afternoon chill. Lian Coffee has a breathtaking view surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Miaoying Temple’s white pagoda, which is the landmark of the Beihai area. The cafe’s simplistic décor is blended with elements of traditional Chinese architecture, like golden tiles and garden window lettuce, making the spot a restful and enjoyable place for an afternoon coffee.

Najian Café

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When you arrive at the gate to Najian Café, you might mistake it for a farmhouse in the countryside. Rest assured, the naturalistic place is indeed a coffee house. It is said that the interior accessories have been accumulated by its owner, a keen traveler, from all over the globe. Reflective of this, the food menu reads like a world map of fusion cuisine. Don’t forget to order its specialty, a Najian Coffee.

Owlery Café & Brew

One of the most visited Cafés in Beijing. With a striking color to welcome the visitors, there is no doubt that visitors will instantly be attracted with the colorful vibe of this café. The owner sure knows how to welcome its guest by making the place inviting through its aromatic coffee. Don’t forget to also try there matcha latte and peach oolong tea you will surely be delighted because it’s also worth a try. In the mood for alcohol? You’ve probably never tried a hot beer before and Owlery Café is the place to satisfy your curiosity.

Penghao Theater Café

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Enjoy a coffee in the café on the first floor of the Penghao Theater and feel free to immerse yourself in the theatrical atmosphere. As a famous theater that promotes independent plays in Beijing, Penghao is hidden in a hutong next to the Central Academy of Drama. It’s not easy to find the door, but the reward is worthwhile.

Bear Brew

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Thanks to Bear Brew, visitors can combine a cup of coffee with delicious dessert on a rooftop, so close to the Miaoying Temple’s white pagoda that it feels as if you can reach your hand out to touch it. Their cold drip coffee comes highly recommended. For those who are looking to tantalize their taste buds, the yuzu matcha latte is a must. When it comes to sweet treats, their caramel pudding and matcha tofu are simply outstanding.

Soloist Coffee

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This café has an industrial style interior, fitting in perfectly to its location in Dashilar, the creative center. You can either sit at the bar or take your drink upstairs, where there’s a room full of various terrestrial globes, a sewing machine table, and an outdoor dining area, where you can overlook the entire hutong neighborhood.

At Café

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One of the best-established cafés in the 798 Art Zone, At Café, used to be the canteen of the 798 when it was still a factory compound. Specializing in Italian food, it’s one of the few restaurants in Beijing where you can enjoy authentic pizza. If you fancy something alcoholic, the Irish Coffee is your best bet. Located right next to the remaining head of the locomotive train, the iconic landmark of the 798 Art Zone, this is a good place to rest after a gallery tour.

The Garage Café

The Garage Café is not like conventional cafés, which tend to offer a peaceful and cozy atmosphere, but it is still the most noteworthy café in Zhongguancun area. That is mainly because it has another, predominant function of being a space for start-up businesses to meet investors. You may overhear individuals bragging about their genius ideas and business plans – who knows if one of them will be the future Jack Ma.

There you go coffee lovers if you are planning to go on a trip to China don’t forget to stop by at these unique coffee shop and taste what they offer.

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