Ten Coffee Table Hacks For Spring.

Rustic coffee table

The ice started to melt outside, and birds are coming out from their nook, chirping from the branches of trees signaling us that springtime is here. So, this is the time where we can begin to refresh the look fo our living spaces with bright, and colorful pieces to invite the cheerful spirit of spring throughout our home.

The most common area that gets a revamp for all season is typically our living room. Because this is where we receive our guest and spend the most time with our family, and most of the time the piece of furniture that gets a spring refresh is the coffee table.

To help you decorate your living room into spring sensation. Here are ten spring coffee table ideas that will inspire you to transform your living room into something fresh this spring.

1. Keep It Simple

Long and narrow coffee table with books and orchid on top.
Photo from Amazon | Safavieh Home Collection Josiah Mid-Century Modern White and Dark Brown Coffee Table

If you have a long and narrow coffee table, it is best to keep it simple by using three simple pieces. The coffee table by Safavieh Home Collection shows a feminine and modern style. With a simple touch of orchid, placing your book of the month, and adding a small storage box gives simplicity and freshness to it. Small storage box is a great way to store your TV remotes and easy access to hide your clutter.

2. Adding Texture

Coffee table for spring with trays, plants and vases

The picture above shows good color coordination where the vases and the color of the toss pillows jive together. The style also shows an element from the outdoors with the greenery placed on top of stacked books which is a great way to bring spring inside your home. Lastly, the wicker basket is an excellent way to add texture to the room.

3. Metallic Decor

Small white coffee table with metallic vases on top

Metallic decorations are great way to decorate your home especially when you know how to balance them. If you have a small coffee table, it’s better to put less decoration on top than overloading it. Sometimes having too many things can make your space look cluttered and chaotic. Always remember that less is more keeping it light by simply adding shiny decorations like a metallic vase adds interest to the room.

4. Rustic Style

Rustic coffee table
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

You can never go wrong with a rustic style coffee table this is probably one of the most favorite styles of many because it’s simple and goes with any theme all year round. To make your coffee table more interesting, you can add your favorite book, magazine, candle, tray, flowers or other decorations on top that goes with your seasonal theme.

5. Table trays

 - Vintage Casual Coffee Table - Cocktail Height - Round - Light Brown
Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Table trays are a basic coffee table decorations, and the easiest way to organize items you love into one place.Another reason why table trays are perfect for decorations because it’s easy to remove when you need cleaning for your coffee table.Instead of picking the decorations, one by one you can just pick up the entire tray and you’re done.

6. Using Candles

Rectangular coffee table with candles

Another way to add charm to your coffee table is dressing it up with candles at different heights. So, when the candles are lit, it gives an intimate ambiance in the room, and you can enjoy more your coffee intimately.

7. Simple Art For Decor

Old wood coffee table

If you are not a fan of adding flowers, trays, and photos to your coffee table, then this look is for you. The table decor is very simple, modern and streamlined with the use of 2 simple art pieces at different heights and pairing them with your favorite books. This look is very clean to the eye and easy to maintain.

8. Organic and Rustic

Rustic coffee table with antlers, plant, and laptop on top

Another way to bring your rustic table to life is by adding outdoor greeneries, mixing it to wildlife decorations. The photo below shows the antlers and greenery mixed together gives a breath of fresh air that is perfect for the season.

Note: Aside from antlers you can also opt for a ceramic coral reef or a Marmol ashtray.

9. All White

All-white shabby chic coffee table

Having an all-white color scheme is not hard to incorporate textures and colors, mixing the same shades of color to your coffee table creates a clean, bright and shabby chic feel.

10. Catch-All Tray

Coffee table with metallic catch all tray

Adding a catch-all tray or trinket tray to your coffee table can create a sense of function in your family room. Sometimes you may come home from a long day at work and just want to sit back take off your watch, glasses, bracelets and other accessories and cozy up on your sofa and have a moment of zen. Your catch-all tray will be the perfect place to hold your items until you are ready to migrate to your bedroom for the evening.

Adding items that are most meaningful to you like family photos, green up your space with flowers & plants, and placement of decor at different heights to create a beautiful story about you and your family.

We hope these things give you ideas and inspiration to decorate your coffee tables this spring. Regardless of what’s your decorating style, you can create a beautiful tablescape that is for you.

Source: Chic Home Life