Why do we try different coffee shops and not sticking to only one shop? Is it because the price, the quality, ambiance, customer service or is it because how they present their coffee? If you asked me my answer is all of the above. Most of the time our reasons why we drink coffee is for energy booster, and for some they love to drink coffee it is because of the art behind making every cup of coffee.

The art of making a perfect cup of coffee lies on the quality of your ingredient. Keep in mind that this will depend on the right combinations, consistency of the milk and the quality of the crema – and this art has perfected already by the baristas.

Whenever we go to a coffee house we often ordered the same blend of coffee because of the taste and how it was presented. But did you know that you can also create your own art of coffee? Yes, you can definitely do this to your home, and you can even share your masterpiece with your friends.

Here are some coffee art designs that you might want to do and practice at home.



This may sound like there are lots of work to do but believe it or not this is the easiest among the more advanced coffee presentations. Aside from doing the usual coffee sprinkles, coffee stenciling is a lot more creative and more fun to do . There are a lot of stencil designs that you can buy online or at the supermarket, or you can create your personal stencils with less cost in a more artistic way by printing your favorite quotes or art signs through your computer, all you need is to cut them out following their designs. There are even ready made stencils that you can easily download via Amazon. This is simple and easy right? You can now make a great presentation to your coffee at any time of the year plus you can even share this wonderful presentation with your friends.

Layered Latte


This is one of the classics, there is no better way to present your coffee lattes than visually layering the ingredient in a clear glass. Here’s how to do it

  1. Prepare a clear tall glass.
  2. Preheat your glass before pouring the steamed milk with a little foam. The foam should be resting beautifully on top of the milk.
  3. Next is preparing your Espresso, it should be preheated again before slowly pouring it down on the glass. To get the best result, you should slowly pour the espresso into the internal wall of the glass, use the back of your spoon for assistance when pouring the espresso to have a good control when pouring. The slowly you make, the better the effect. Your espresso should rest just below your foamed milk and on top of the steamed milk creating an almost Guinness effect.

A visual latte always looks impressive, that is why people loves them. Most of the time people buy of what they see, and lattes look yummier when beautifully presented.



Americano is a very simple coffee variation and simple in presentation too, but the trick here is you need to get the right coffee aroma that makes this coffee so lingering and intriguing. The taste doesn’t matter but the presentation does. In presenting your Americano always add your espresso to a water. Remember to always preheat your cups when doing coffee presentations. When adding your espresso to the water in a preheated cup in will allow the coffee to infuse with the water and the crema rest on top. When you do this slowly with proper control when mixing all the ingredient it will create a perfect aroma that makes the coffee not just intriguing but more flavorsome.

These are simple art ways that you can at home and share with your friends to make your coffee extra especial.