The Avocado Latte Is Making Noise In Social media


You really can’t stop social media in spreading news. After our recent post about The Most Instagramabale Coffee In A Cone here comes a new coffee sensation about coffee in a piece of rubbish.

An Australian Cafe is trending today because instead of using a traditional cup of coffee, their lattes is served in the hallowed-out skin of an avocado.

Isn’t this ridiculous? Well, today making outrageous things in social media can be viral the next day.

The Australian Truman’s Cafe posted a video of its avocado latte on Instagram which shows a barista pouring hot milk into an avocado shell filled with black coffee.

The video went viral on Instagram and netizens are eager to try this new creation.

The barista at Truman Cafe, Jaydin Nathan told “It was actually just a joke. We weren’t actually selling them but then someone came in today and wanted one.

“I think it’s ridiculous. It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

Aside from the Starbucks brightly colored unicorn Frappuccino, which is the bomb for younger coffee drinkers, the meringue coffee, turmeric lattes, and even a bulletproof coffee made with butter instead of milk, have all caused a splash.

The Avocado Latte is one of the many lists of inventive coffee variations that have become an internet sensation. This indicates our obsession with artistic coffee creations continues to grow.

What do you think about the Avolatte? Do you want to try this new hipster trend?

Source: The Telegraph