Pasion Del Cielo The Best Specialty Coffee Shop in Miami.

Photo credit to Pasion del Cielo FB

Miami Florida has known for its hot weather and beautiful beaches that can accommodate thousands of visitor each year, but that’s not only the beauty of this tropical city because Miami has more to offer like the city’s private art collections, and coffee shops that offer the best specialty coffees in town.

One of the specialty coffee shops to try in the city is the Pasion Del Cielo or Passion of Heaven, is known as the “Starbucks” of Miami that offers a variety of Latin American gourmet coffee, with over 15 variations of single-origin beans all over the world sourced from Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya and more.

The massive coffee shop is a haven to all coffee lovers who want to try different single-origin coffees.

On thousand single-origin coffee varieties inside Pasion Del Cielo in Miami
Photo Credit to Pasion Del Cielo FB

The man behind Pasion Del Cielo is Fernando Salinas, from Mexico with the help of her daughter envisioned “that people in the United States would love to have a taste of quality coffee rather than drinking a rubbish coffee.” Their vision came in after tasting a cup of quality coffee in Italy.

Salinas said, “many of us drink coffee, but about ten years ago he began to distinguish the different aromas and flavors of coffee and realized that there are huge differences between one another.”

What is unique about Pasion Del Cielo is when entering the cafe they will ask you of what type of coffee do you wish to have whether it’s loud, soft or medium coffee.

Unlike some coffee shops where they offer you their menu choices which is a typical latte or espresso, Pasion Del Cielo gives the ultimate satisfaction for coffee lovers where you can have the chance to try their more than 1,000 selections of single-origin coffee, and for you to decide if which ones have the best taste for your palate.

Photo by Iliana R. via Yelp

Aside from single-origin coffee Pasion Del Cielo also offers pastries and latin sweets like the Argentine Alfajores, which is a famous snack from Argentina, that goes best with a cup of coffee. They also offer smoothies, frappes, and baked empanadas, which you can’t miss to try in the cafe.

With the large space, free wifi, and offering a variety of single-origin coffee, there is no questioning that this coffee shop Pasion Del Cielo is a buzzing coffee shop in Miami that is worth to visit when you are around the city.

“The world is a wonderful place, especially when you have a cup of coffee.” –