The best Techniques to upgrade your basic brews according to coffee aficionados.

how to make a great coffee

Who doesn’t want a great cup of coffee in the morning or at any time of the day? Well, coffee is the source of gasoline for every human being to kick-start their day, so our coffee should better be good. Though sometimes, when we make our coffee, it doesn’t give us the satisfaction that we are looking for because it’s not a good cup of coffee that is why we always settle for the quick and easy instant coffee.

Here is the best technique to upgrade your basic brews according to coffee aficionados.

  1. Always choose fresh beans every time you make your coffee.

A bag of coffee beans

“First things first, use fresh coffee. As long as you keep it out of sunlight, whole bean coffee can last for up to nine months. But, it definitely begins to lose its shine and most prominent flavors around two weeks after the roast date. Buying in smaller quantities (like a 12oz bag) more frequently ensures you’re drinking your coffee at its peak flavors.

2. Water plays a vital role in having a great tasting coffee.

making espresso using a coffee filter

“Don’t overlook what kind of water you’re using. A cup of coffee is around 98% water, so what kind we’re using is important. For consistency, use filtered water––that way, the water doesn’t impart any additional flavors or mouthfeel. I use a filter I can fill from the tap at home, and make sure I replace the filters every few months. If you’re heating up water from the stove, heat it up to a boil and then wait 45 seconds before you begin pouring.”

3. Grinding your coffee beans is crucial because this is your base point to achieve a good cup of coffee.

grinding coffee beans

“A burr grinder, like the Baratza Encore (which we sell on Trade’s website), is an excellent way to ensure your coffee is ground perfectly every time. Don’t let the price tag make you balk––cheap blade grinders produce uneven and clumpy ground coffee and are very prone to breaking. It’s also easy to forget to use the grinder just for coffee, and if you grind spices on the blade grinder, those flavors will invariably end up in your coffee. The Encore’s sturdy body and concealed burr set ensure they stay protected and will last you years.”

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4, Invest in a good coffee maker.

Moka pot coffee maker

“Have you noticed that your coffee gets bitter and astringent the longer it sits in your glass coffee pot, being heated by a hotplate beneath it? By continually applying heat to your already brewed coffee, you’re encouraging it to keep changing on a molecular level. Invest in an insulated pot, like the Moccamaster. This is designed to keep your coffee tasting hot and fresh without the need for a hot plate.”

5. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with our coffee.

Latte art

“Unsure of what coffee you’ll like the most? Keep trying new things. Trade has a patented quiz to help pair you to your perfect match; we have over 400 coffees from the 50 best roasters in the country on our website, and we know how to find you a coffee you’ll love. Plus, your coffee is only roasted after you place your order to ensure that it’s the freshest coffee you’ve ever had. We also have a program (Trade15) that keeps you stocked by providing free shipping if you purchase every 15 days.”

These techniques will serve as guidelines, so the next time you make your coffee, it will be perfect.