The Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine

Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine
The Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine. The greatest coffee machine in the world.

The greatest coffee machine in the world.

Have you heard about the Blossom One? The name might sound a little bit girly, and you might be thinking that this is a flower or spacecraft. But this is not what you think because Blossom One is the newest coffee machine that is the talk of the town today.

Blossom One Limited was a collaboration of Apple and NASA engineers who made this line of high-end, robotic, single-cup coffee brewers. It was said by many who tested this new invention that it’s “the greatest coffee machine in the world.”

According to Jason Gilbert of Huffington Post “, I must admit that, after an hour-long taste test in New York City, the Blossom One Limited coffee machine does indeed make — excuse me — a damn good cup of coffee.”

This Blossom One coffee machine might be a little bit expensive for your kitchen it cost $11,000. But hold up before saying anything else let’s see the Blossom One product claims if it is worth it or not worth it for its cost?

Blossom One
by Huffpost

A simple computer within the machine can be used to set each of the six individual variables from above according to a coffee-drinker’s preferences. These can each be set by a knob on the front face, or you can quickly input the settings by scanning a QR code on certain bags of coffee.

The built-in camera — yes, the coffee machine has a 1.3 megapixel camera — can scan the code (only the choicest bean growers are partners) and automatically set each variable.

When you press “Go,” the water is heated to your specified temperature, during which time you place your ground-up beans into the Portafilter on the underside of the front of the machine.

Blossom One Coffee Machine

Once the water is heated, the brew chamber unit fills itself and uses electrical heaters to maintain the temperature at the set point, where a timer on the machine counts down the number of seconds you have allotted your coffee to steep. When that time is up, you press down the mixture with a plunger at the end of a lever, forcing the resultant cup of coffee down into your cup.

Blossom One is a bit hard to configure at first, but it gives a smooth, complex cup of coffee with a light acidic finish that was neither bitter nor sour. The machine produced a cleaner cup than most French presses and the end result was comparable to the best pourovers.

Blossom One
by Huffpost

There were only be limited machines to be sold out in the market and only available at some local cafes.

So what do you think of the Blossom One? Do you think this could be everybody’s cup of coffee? Share us your thoughts on the comment box below!

Source: HuffingtonPost