The Children Free-zone Coffee Shop in Dublin Ireland

Old Barracks Coffee Roasters in Dublin Ireland

Children drinking coffee is a big debate in the industry if whether children are allowed to drink coffee or not?

In today’s generation, a lot of boys and girls are drinking coffee where they use it as a help-aid for their school activities to keep them awake and focus on their studies. However, guzzling coffee at a very young age is not the best practice that is why this coffee roastery in Dublin created a concept where children are not allowed in the Tipperary cafe.

Alan Andrews, the founder of the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters is the man behind the concept of the children free-zone coffee shop. The idea came out not because he is a child misogynist, but because he is just concern about the health and safety of the children actually, he has two children himself, Sirin (15) and Calum (13).

He spent years building his knowledge, training, and business education before starting his coffee roastery with a cafe attached. His love for coffee leads him to open the 300-years-old building in Ireland where coffee lovers can see a live coffee roasting session, coffee tastings, and if you want to have quiet time while enjoying your coffee, you can avail their noise-canceling earphones to enjoy the time for yourself.

Alan spent years traveling around the world to learn about each culture and everything about coffee, where he envisions a place where coffee lovers can enjoy an authentic coffee adventure.

The team members of Old Barracks Coffee Roasters in Dublin Ireland
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The main idea of the children-free zone cafe is because, “the roastery is basically 1,000 kilos of cast iron, like an open pizza oven, kids have no interest in it because it’s a big hot machine, adults are only going to tell them don’t touch and stand back,” he says.

“Children can come in with their parents to order coffee for take-out and loads do, there’s a playground nearby and a community garden so they go there or sit in their cars.”

Not all of their costumes like this idea of banning children inside of the cafe,” But most people understand and appreciate the idea of a relaxing, adult-only space that isn’t their home or their workplace and isn’t the pub,” he says

cups of coffee in the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters
Photo via @TheOldBarracks Facebook

Alan is a fan of the “third place” philosophy, where his mission and vision is to have someplace to go in for relaxation for parents at home and people working after a long day. In Ireland, people usually go to a pub after work, and Alan wants to break this habitual routine where he wants to put an alternative alcohol-free place for men and women to relax, learn about coffee, and get some headspace.

” Among the customers, are gleeful parents delighted with the chance for a break and a cast-iron excuse not to bring the kids,” he says

Teenagers from 18 years old and above are already allowed inside the roastery and participate in all the activities.

What do Andrews children think about banning children from their cafe?

Andrew says his children are very supportive despite the fact they’re not yet allowed inside of the roastery, “sometimes I try to get them to come down here for an hour, but they say no, sorry dad, we’re not allowed. We’ll stay here with the Xbox, ” he says.

Original source Irish Times