The Coffee Shop With A Jiggly Coffee

Cafe Artea in Abu Dhabi to produce 3D cappuccinos
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Nowadays the coffee art scene is rising making baristas level up their artistic side in creating a unique form of coffee art. The coffee art industry today is becoming more renowned, latte art nowadays is not just an art, but it’s a trend that most of the coffee lovers today are hooked on the innovative style, on how the new coffee art today has made. Today the coffee art scene is not just a latte art itself, but there are additional coffee techniques that are added; like the coffee painting latte art, crema art and more.

People nowadays love to try and see the creations of the baristas, not just the coffee, but to try the “instagramable” coffee arts of these baristas and their coffee shops.

Like this Cafe in Abu Dhabi where they are taking their coffee to the next level. Creating a hype on the internet this coffee shop makes their frothy coffee an Instagram worthy.

Cafe Artea in Abu Dhabi became popular on Instagram because of their jiggling coffee arts that caught the attention of “netizens.”People get mesmerized by the different coffee art style of the cafe where they create cool-looking animals – cute cats and bears mostly – floating above a cappuccino or latte in 3D.

Cafe Artea is the first cafe in Abu Dhabi who creates this concept of jiggling coffee arts. The cafe is established by two brothers Adnan and Adel Al Hosani. Their first business did not turn well, but it did not take them long before they start their new venture the Artea Cafe.

After six months of thorough research, the Al Hosani brothers decided to open their new concept in an area they believed was growing – the capital’s Al Seef compound, behind Al Seef Mall.

I like coffee, so I have to make something that I like, what’s on my mind. So we came here [to Al Seef], it’s like a new place, new concept,” says Adnan, the younger of the two.

“There are a lot of places like this in Dubai, but in Abu Dhabi, this is the only one and it’s in an open area and will never be without customers.”

The cafe is on the small side, but immediately offers a sophisticated, yet comfortable feel. The interiors are a nice blend of powder blue, copper, and light wood materials. They also have a small nook for a board game which adds a nice touch of stay-a-while and sip feel.

“We started the 3D because we want to make new things,” says Adnan. “Nowadays people are more focused on taking a photo, so the first thing they do is they will take photo. At the same time, we are thinking about what is new we can bring here. We talk to many places in Asia and we discovered that this idea is not applied here. I think we are the first ones.”

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According to their barista who makes the 3D cappuccinos, it takes a lot of skill with a whisk, and patience. “It took me a month how to learn to do it,” he says. “I just watched and learned.”

All their barista has gone through extensive training with their trainers to achieve the delicate coffee art.

If you are not into coffee, don’t worry because they also offer a delicious dessert called Bingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings, including chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. This dish comes in three flavors – red velvet, cheesecake or chocolate.

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi and looking for a unique place to have a coffee visit Cafe Artea and try their jiggly coffee or their shaved iced dessert.