The Best Of Coffee Trends For 2017

The Best Of Coffee Trends For 2017

Hep-hep, hurray and the party goes on! Before the year-end let’s do a recap of 2017 coffee trends, and let’s find out if they are hit or misses?

1. Iced coffee 

Refrshing iced coffee in a clear glass

With today’s millennial era iced coffee drinks are well loved by many, and a lot of coffee chains are jumping on the iced coffee bandwagon switching the traditional hot coffee into cold coffee products. And we must say that Iced coffee drink is a hit coffee trend for 2017, and we know that this will thrive more in the future.

2. Coffee Tonic 

Mixing coffee, and tonic water in a clear glass.

This coffee drink started to popularized in Portland and Oregon, and in a short span of time it spread like a wildfire and invaded the whole United Staes, and coffee fanatics. That’s why we say this is a hit coffee trend for 2017.

3. Butter In Coffee

The Butter Coffee Experience.
Adding a spoon of butter to your cup of coffee

People who haven’t tried the butter coffee trend are skeptical about the idea because they said butter is the unhealthiest product to put on your coffee. But I tell you when you tried this trend you will sure love it plus it’s super healthy too.

4. Adding Camel’s Milk In Your Coffee

Another coffee method that marks up 2017. People are trying to add Camels milk to their cup of Joe, and everyone who tried it, they love it!

5. Caffeinated Bagel

Caffeinated Bagels with egg and bacon

If you haven’t tried the Einstein Caffeinated Bagels, we suggest that you try it now. Caffeinated bagels are not your typical cup of joe, but we are sure this will give you an explosive mouthful of coffee grains that will satisfy your carbs and coffee cravings. So we say that Caffeinated Bagel is a hit for 2017.

6. Coffee In A Cone

Coffee in a cone

The launch of the coffee in a cone buzzes the social media, because it was said this is the most instagramable coffee in the world for 2017, and we agree to it! The coffee company who discovered this is a genius! They created the greatest food mashup that went viral overnight. Very millennial thinking right?

7. The Coffee Unicorn

Starbucks colorful unicorn frappuccino

One of the trendiest coffee that came out this year was the Starbucks Unicorn Coffee Drink. Starbucks made coffee drinking more fun and magical because of this Unicorn Frappuccino.

8. Avocado Latte

Poring coffee and milk in a piece of rubbish

Another out of the blue coffee drink that buzzes the social media this year is the Avocado Latte. The Australian Truman’s Cafe posted a video of its avocado latte on Instagram which shows a barista pouring hot milk into an avocado shell filled with black coffee. The video went viral on Instagram and netizens are eager to try this new creation.

9. The iPhone Latte

Coffee in an iPhone box

If there is a coffee in a piece of rubbish, then there is also coffee in an iPhone box. This iPhone latte is a perfect mashup for our café-loving, phone-obsessed generation.

10. The Goth Latte

dark coffee latte

Another dark and mystical coffee trend this year. Goth Latte looks dark and freaky, but you can’t judge the taste to how it looks because this Goth Latte is not just for the dark souls, but it’s also one of the healthiest coffee you can try

11. Starbucks Roastery Chicago

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago
The new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago

The internet went on a buzz when Starbucks announced that they will be opening their super-sized roastery in Chicago in 2019. This might be too early for an announcement, but it’s a sure hot topic this 2017.

12. Maple Pecan Latte 

Maple Pecan Latte Starbucks
Starbucks Maple Pecan Latte

One of the highlights of the fall season is the PSL, but for this year seems like PSL was too overrated and becomes outdated. So the star of the show for fall 2017 is the Maple Pecan Latte which turned out a “miss” for the season.

13. The Zombie Frappuccino

Starbucks Zombie Frappucino
Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino

Another coffee “miss” for 2017. The Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino did not turn out so well in the public, and also it is only available in limited locations.

14. The Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine 

Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine
The Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine. The greatest coffee machine in the world.

This coffee machine trends this year as the greatest coffee machine in the world, but seems like it turns out it’s a “miss” trend for 2017 because to be honest who will spend $11,000 for a coffee machine when you can get 12 bucks kick-ass coffee to your local coffee shops near you.

15. Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Starbucks Holiday Drinks 2017
The Starbucks Holiday coffee drinks 2017

Of course, the coffee trend for 2017 is not complete without the Starbucks Holiday Drinks.

16. Starbucks Reserve Roastery China

Rounding up the coffee trend for 2017 is the Starbucks Reserve Roastery China. The new roastery is a hit for 2017 and a travel goal for 2018.

That sums up coffee lovers 2017 coffee trends we are thrilled what more to come in the coffee industry for 2018.