The First Ever Starbucks In Italy Will Soon To Open

Howard Schultz at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy
Photo courtesy of Starbucks

The American big coffee chain is becoming mega and entering the home of the espressos.

So could this invasion of Starbucks into the Italian market will make the Italians jump into the Starbucks coffee bandwagon?

Well, we think that this is another milestone of the big chain entering into the land of where coffee is ingrain in their national culture where coffee is not a coffee with sugar.

The Starbucks company did not have a smooth sailing entering the Italian market before they got the sweet spot they endured setbacks and delays since it was first suggested more than two years ago. However this year, during Milan conference, Starbucks’ executive chairman, Howard Schultz, confirmed that the opening of the first ever Starbucks in Italy would go ahead in September.

The company has chosen a historic building on one of Milan’s grandiose squares where they planned to open its first foray into the home of the espresso.

The location was a high-end address in the city that was a former post office in Piazza Cordusio, near the Duomo.

Finally, the never-ending speculation of coffee lovers over the years about Starbucks entering the city has put an end. Though we know that Italians serve their coffee differently from which American culture used to have where an espresso or cappuccino can taste very different from the chain’s offerings, however, the people seem ready to try something new.

Paolo Nadalet, the president of the Italian Espresso National Institute, said: “We are really happy that a large company like Starbucks is coming to Italy because we think that the coffee it serves is not like an Italian espresso but is still coffee that tastes good.”

“And Milan is the right place to start: it’s close to fashion and other Italian ways of living, and for us, coffee is a way to live. Starbucks is doing its own job with its own philosophy, but it’s still very close to our culture in ensuring that its consumers have good coffee in their cups.”

Starbucks’ executive chairman, Howard Schultz reassured consumers that the big company is finally coming in Italy, “with humility and respect, to show what we have learned”.

Schultz said his vision started during the time he visited Italy in 1983. “My imagination was captured by Italian coffee.”

Starbucks dream to enter Italy came into reality with the help of Antonio Percassi, a former footballer and entrepreneur who was responsible for bringing the Spanish clothing chain Zara and the US lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret to Italy.

There will be a tough competition between Starbucks and other coffee chains in Italy, especially people, are not used to what Starbucks has to offer, but Nadalet said he did not believe it would dent the local business.

“We have to increase our knowledge in coffee and I think Starbucks can help all other bars to improve on both service and taste,” he said. “Big chains are using our coffee machines worldwide, so this could be a big moment for the Italian market. Foreign companies want to open in Italy and we have to let them.”

So do you think Starbucks will surpass the espresso culture in Italy? Share us your thoughts about this news in the comment section below.