The Foundation of Cappuccino|Caffe Latte |Espresso |and Caffe Macchiato

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Today there are no limits on how we do our everyday cup of coffee. Many coffee shops and coffee stalls were creating their own coffee variations like adding different flavorings on top of the coffee. But among all these delicious coffee variations, they were all prepared in a classic style of coffee mixtures and being enhanced by adding more sweeteners and seasonings into it.

But did you know where these delicious coffee variations all begun? So, here’s the foundation of all the coffee we all loved today.


Espresso is usually served in a small cup about the size of a teacup. Espresso has all begun in the early 1900’s, it was made in a most simple way with just concentrated coffee, stronger in taste and aroma. Today espresso was made a little bit fancier it is not just plain coffee but also has crema on top that makes espresso a lot tastier. For some, they add a sweetener to counteract the bitterness and sprinkled a pinch of cinnamon on top for artistic presentation.

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Caffe Latte 

This coffee variation was also originated in Italy and its name was translated to “coffee with milk”. Latte can be identical to espresso but they are definitely different in taste. Espresso is a lot stronger while latte has a creamier taste because it has more milk and foamed milk on top. Today latte is one of the best selling coffee drinks across the globe and a favorite coffee drink of many. It is also served in a big cup with artsy designs.


Latte Macchiato

They have a lot in common with caffe latte, though macchiato is made with a lot of milk at the bottom ad lesser espresso on top, while caffe latte is vice versa it is made with more espresso at the bottom and milk on top. Latte Macchiato is a very popular drink in Germany and has more than just a taste to offer, and also presented in a beautiful way. They are usually served in a tall glass with the ingredients layered beautifully.

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Cappuccino is a very popular coffee drink that is originated in Italy. Nowadays cappuccino is one of the most ordered coffee drinks in a coffee house. Cappuccino is also one of the favorite coffee mixtures by some of the baristas because they can customize their own coffee blend to it. You can do a lot with cappuccino, you can drizzle a chocolate or a cocoa powder on top, some adds whipped cream or a marshmallow and make it as a coffee dessert.

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Nowadays making your own coffee variation has no limits, you can go wild and crazy, As long as you know how to make cappuccino, latte, espresso and macchiato you can add anything to your cup coffee. Have fun experimenting!