The Goth Latte is one of the healthiest coffee

dark coffee latte

Will you try a coffee that was made from the crushed souls of a dead unicorn lattes, and cold dead hearts? Well, there is something dark and mystical about this coffee, but will you try if there is one?

These days there are a lot of coffee trends circulating in the social media, from colorful unicorn latte, iPhone latte, to coffee on a piece of rubbish here comes a new style of coffee that will match your dark souls.

Coffee for the dark souls? OMG, are you freaking kidding me? But yes that’s true there is now dark coffee for the soul, and it is called Goth Latte. So if you are looking for coffee to feed your soul and cold dead hearts, then you should try this Goth Latte.

This new coffee sensation sounds very dark and intriguing but did you know that this Goth latte is freak-ish healthy!

Is that possible? Oh Yes, because this Goth Latte is actually made from activated charcoal, an ingredient that’s a lot healthier than it sounds.

Charcoals are known to be healthy because it helps the body to get rid of unwanted toxins by trapping the toxins to its millions of tiny pores. So, if you want to get those devils out on your body then drink this coffee baby.

The name of this coffee is a little bit dangerous as it sounds, but it might be in fact a good coffee for you if consumed in a right quantity. Goth Lattes are serving in Cafes in the UK and Australia and it’s only a matter of time before they arrive at your local coffee shop.

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