The Iron Man Coffee Maker

    The Iron Man Coffee Maker with white cup

    With the box office hit of the Avengers End Game, everybody had left so many speculations, and questions on what will happen next to the Avengers now that Thanos was defeated, two of the Avengers is gone, captain America went back in time, and gave his gear to Grey Falcon, Clint Barton separated as Hawkeye, and Thor became a member of the Guardians of the galaxy, will this be the end for the Avengers or there is more to come? As many of the viewers are intrigued by the future of the Avengers, we are also intrigued by Robert’s Doney Jr a.k.a the “Iron Man,” choice of his coffee maker.
    The Avengers fanatics, especially Iron Man fans get excited when the genius Tony Stark revealed on Facebook that his preference in single-serve Keurig-style novelty coffee makers is Iron Man-themed, and that is so awesome! We think that Robert Downey Jr telling his coffee maker choice is not for million dollar advertisement nor being biased for promoting their movie, but the Iron Man themed coffee maker deserves a mention of the genius Tony Stark because the novelty single-serve coffee maker is not only for a show but delivers an exemplary cup of coffee.

    “The Iron Man single serve coffee maker provides the flexibility to brew either coffee capsules or ground coffee. Lift the Iron Man mask to access the brew chamber. Insert either a capsule or scoop of a favorite ground coffee, and start the brewing cycle with the touch of a button. Choose from a 6, 8 or 10-ounce cup size. The 40-ounce removable water tank offers the added flexibility to fill it from the faucet. Fit a taller mug by simply removing the drip tray. The ground coffee adapter can be used for brewing a favorite blend of coffee and the permanent mesh filter in the adapter makes it easy to rinse off.”

    Iron Man Coffee Maker 01
    via Amazon

    Aside from the cool design, this Iron Man coffee maker can brew both your favorite K-pods and ground coffee beans too. If you have the Amazon new smart plug, the Alexa-powered plug this coffee maker will perfectly pair in it which makes coffee makers, microwaves, juicers, and other kitchen appliances voice-controlled. That is why you will experience to be the genius Tony Stark with this Iron Man themed coffee maker.

    This coffee maker has a ground coffee adapter for your favorite blend of coffee, and its deep tray is detachable to accommodate taller mugs.

    Reviewers who own this coffee machine often remark that the java it makes is as tasty (or according to some, better tasting) than the Keurig machines they used to use.

    Iron Man Coffee Maker 02
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    If you are a collector of novelty finds, or you are looking for a unique gift for your Avenger fanatic friend the Iron Man coffee maker is an excellent gift idea.

    Finding the right coffee maker is undeniably difficult, but if you are looking for your first purchase of coffee maker to invest your money this Iron Man theme coffee maker is a try because it ca brew two coffee in one machine, and delivers a perfect cup of coffee. You can get this coffee maker on Amazon for $129.99.