The list of countries with the most expensive cup of coffee

The Coffee Map

The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to make a cup of coffee or if we don’t have time we often get our Joe to the nearest coffee shop before heading to our workplace.

Coffee is the gasoline of life, so when we travel abroad or go on a business trip, we often look for a good place to get a cup of coffee. That is why whether the coffee is expensive or not as long as its a good coffee we don’t mind paying the price for a quality, Joe.

Expert Market, a U.K.-based B2B product comparison site, recently conducted a study of the world’s 57 largest countries to compile a ranking of the best countries to move to for young people aspiring to be their own boss.

One of their research was on the prices of a cup of coffee in the market. An appendix to the research noted the price of a cup of a coffee in each country, listed in British Pounds. And they found out that coffee is cheapest in Bulgaria — and most expensive in Denmark.

Based on their research, they compiled lists of the 10 countries where a cup of coffee is most and least expensive.

Take note that these prices are not exact, and the researcher did not specify whether they factored in espresso drinks, tips or other factors, so we can’t assume these are drip coffee prices.

In the market study, they found out the differences in prices of coffee from country to country.

According to Expert Market’s findings, the U.S. has the 11th most expensive cup of coffee, falling just below China, Finland, and South Korea.

They also found out that most of the Medeterenian countries have relatively inexpensive coffee prices than the Scandinavian region where it’s one of the countries coffee is priciest.

Check out the rankings below, and find out if your region is included in the countries with expensive coffee or inexpensive coffee prices.

The 10 countries with the least expensive cup of coffee (in USD):

1. Bulgaria $1.31
2. Egypt $1.37
3-4. Portugal and Colombia $1.42
5. Morocco $1.46
6. India $1.51
7. Hungary $1.52
8-10. Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia $1.65

The 10 countries with the most expensive cup of coffee (in USD):

1. Denmark $5.33
2. Iceland $5.16
3. Qatar $4.97
4. Norway $4.94
5. Switzerland $4.81
6. The United Arab Emirates $4.41
7. Hong Kong $4.35
8. Sweden $4.28
9-10. China and Finland $4.11

Source Business Insider