The positive and negative effects of drinking coffee.

The positive and negative effects of drinking coffee.

It’s no secret that coffee is already one of the superfoods, because of its powerful antioxidant properties that help to prevent some diseases, but the main reason why most of us drink coffee it is because it gives our body the alertness it needed, and not because of its health benefits.

Well, you might agree and disagree with that, but sad to say most of us coffee drinkers only slurps coffee for the energy boost. However, despite the energy coffee can give us that a lot of times some of us take advantage of it and drink more than the suggested cup of coffee per day. We must keep in mind that too much is unhealthy, and there is a positive and negative side effect of drinking coffee.

Let’s see the positive side effects of coffee apart from giving the energy boost.

1. Coffee is a good source of antioxidant that can help to prevent cancer and heart disease and other diseases. Antioxidant in coffee is a lot powerful than wine, chocolate or tea.

2. Coffee is always associated to be a preventive measure to some diseases like diabetes and heart disease and can lower cholesterol this is because of coffees’ high level of soluble fiber that helps to lower LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol, which lead into reducing the risk of heart disease, and helps to control blood sugar level in people with diabetes. Coffee has an excellent amount of soluble dietary fiber that is much potent to wine and orange juice.

3. Recent studies have shown the correlation between coffee and mental performance. One study has attested that regular coffee consumption of one to two cups a day scored higher on short-term memory recall, spatial ability, logic tests, and general IQ testing.

4. Drinking coffee is also linked to weight loss whereas the caffeine in coffee improves your metabolism and gives ample energy. In fitness diets, coffee is always included in the meal plan or even use as meal replacements like the “bulletproof coffee.”

Back in the days’ people were satisfied with a single serving of coffee that is why people get the full benefits of it. However, over the years people discovered the powerful effects of coffee on the body and coffee drinkers started to increase their consumption for more than two cups per day.


The increase in coffee consumption per day for an individual is what made the negative side effects of coffee.

Drinking above the prescribe cups of coffee a day gives a bad side-effect in the body. Here are things that you may develop when drinking too much coffee.

1. Yes, coffee is a natural stimulant that is why everybody loves it because coffee gives us the boost that we needed for the day. However, excessive drinking of coffee can wreak havoc on the sleeping schedule you might develop jitters and discomfort.

If you are having a hard time sleeping or develop the jittery side effects of coffee, you might want to lessen your coffee consumption. So if you are having three cups per day try to reduce into one to two cups a day, and avoid drinking in the afternoon or before going to bed for you not to perplex your sleeping pattern.

2. Most of the time we drink our coffee first thing in the morning and we often experience the sour, bitter taste like after drinking it. Coffee aficionados often describe this feeling as “coffeegasm,” or the bright feeling brought on by consuming terrific coffee.

Always keep in mind that coffee contains high acid levels, especially the type of beans like Kenya and Ethiopian roast. Because of its high level of acid, this explains the stomach discomfort or what so-called “coffee tummy” or “coffee gut” we often experience in the morning especially when you drink too much coffee on an empty stomach.

If you are suffering from ulcer, frequently experiencing stomach discomfort, have Gastroesophageal reflux disease, and having trouble when drinking coffee, try switching to water, herbal teas or drinking milk with your coffee.

3. One of the prominent side effects of drinking coffee is teeth staining which is not aesthetically pleasing. Teeth stating

“Tooth enamel contains microscopic pits and ridges that can hold particles of food and drink. Pigments from dark-colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda can become embedded in those cracks and ridges and, if the proper steps are not taken, can cause permanent, yellowing stains on your teeth.”Colgate

You can lessen the stain by following a bottle of water after drinking coffee, and of course, frequently brush your teeth for at least two to three times a day.

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Coffee is a magical drink that boosts our metabolism, give alertness, and excitement for every cup. Although we know the benefits of coffee and its caffeine content, most of us are still ignorant how coffee truly affects our body.

Always keep in mind to drink your coffee in moderation, and do not go beyond the prescribed daily dose of coffee which are two to three cups per day.