The Reason Why You Need To Save Your Coffee Grounds.


We spend a lot of money buying those expensive coffee beans to get the best quality coffee. But a lot of times we toss our coffee grounds in the trash after brewing.

To use the most out of your coffee and save money, you can reuse your coffee grounds and make something useful for skin, plants and much more.

Here are cool ways how to reuse your coffee grounds.

  1. Use Coffee Grounds As An Anti-Fungal For Soil

It’s amazing how we can use coffee grounds as an anti-fungal for soil. Coffee has been tested to fight a fungal and bacterial disease that can plaque plants. To get the benefits you can place the coffee grounds onto to the soil.

  1. Coffee For Sugar Scrub

Ir is no secret that coffee is an amazing anti-oxidant, that’s why it is good for the skin. Instead of throwing your coffee grounds why not make into a coffee scrub. The coffee scrub can help you get rid of skin impurities, and absolutely smells wonderful too.

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  1. Coffee Ca Absorb Grease On Pans And Pots.

Coffee grounds can do such a good job of absorbing materials like greasy substances. Sprinkling coffee grounds on top of the greasy surface like when you cook chicken in the oven.  All that stuck on grease and chicken fat is lingering on the pan. Just sprinkle coffee grounds all over the pan. Scrub and rinse and in no time your pan is now grease free.

  1. Coffee As An Insect Repellent For Ants.

Coffee can deter some insects from your floor beds like ants and slugs. Insects will turn off by the chemical and acidity of the coffee, But remember to use fresh coffee grounds that have just been used since the pH does increase over a period of time as it decomposes.

  1. Coffee As Air Purifier

Coffee has this amazing aroma that most of the time is addictive. It is amazing how coffee can eliminate bad odor at home and purifies the air. It works really well for areas like the refrigerator or kitchen and works for a fed days soaking up the odor.

So, now you already know that you can still use your coffee grounds, next time that you used coffee, save your grounds and use for these amazing tips. Coffee is a perfect example of how awesome chemistry is and makes your life better too.