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Summer Fancy Food SHow 2019, in NYC

The Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 is one of the biggest events of the season for B2B and B2C businesses held in New York from June 23 – 25, 2019. There are over 2,400 exhibitors who joined the three-day event, which makes entrepreneurs and companies shine and showcase their product and services at the event.

Hundreds of thousands of specialty food and beverages showcased on the Fancy Food Show 2019, and exhibitors are from all over the globe. The goal of the event is to connect buyers and consumers to start-up companies and larger food and beverages buying channels in the United States, and abroad.

The Fancy Food Show is one of the cost-effective ways for startup companies and entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and services. In the event, many specialty foods had showcased from seasonings, carbonated drinks, spices, baby food, whiskey, plant-based snacks, and many more. Of course, the Fancy Food Show will not be complete without the coffee products, and it is one of the uprising goods these days.

Some of the coffee products exhibited are;

Mojo Cold Brew Coffee

Mojo ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in original, unsweetened, black magic, and decaf

Cold brew coffee has already made its mark in the coffee industry, in fact, it is available everywhere from the supermarket, coffee shops, and vending machines. Mojo Cold Brew Inc is one of the showcased brands in the Fancy Food Show. Their cold brew was inspired by their New Orleans roots and tradition of cold brewing. They have a variety of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that comes in different flavors of original, unsweetened, black magic, and decaf, and they come in single-serve and multi-serve bottles.

Another company is the Nobletree Coffee, which is a subscription company offering specialty coffee beans right to your doorstep, which they preserve the alluring history of coffee in their product. Same thing with Ethical Bean, a subscription company who offers the best Fairtrade Certified and Organic coffees in the market.

Coffee Masters

Coffee masters in an organization of all the barista in the world whose advocate is to connect baristas through competition. During the tournament, the barista needs to show what they got to the panel of judges showcasing world-class skill, knowledge, talent, and showmanship. This is a high octane, a highly-skilled, entertaining contest that tests baristas in every discipline, from cupping to latte art.

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There are more products and services exhibited in the Fancy Food Show 2019. Want to learn more about it? Check on their website.