The way you choose your coffee could make you fat


Some of us are not naturally born coffee lovers, most of us were influenced by our friends or advertisements we see on TV, and some are hooked up to drinking coffee because of the health benefits that coffee can give to our body. No matter what your reasons for drinking coffee always remember that too much can also bring a negative effect on our body.

Well, for Americans coffee has become part of our daily routine, and most of the time we can’t live without our morning, Joe. But have you ever question yourselves if the way we choose to drink our java be negatively affecting our weight?

According to dietitian Geraldine Georgeou, whether we choose to have a latte or a long black from our local barista can have a huge impact on your health.

The reason for this is because various of coffee especially the one we order from the coffee shops contain hidden fats and sugars.

So what is the ideal coffee we should be drinking?

Well, black coffee served without milk and coffee is a healthy option, but healthiness of this coffee can down its value health wise when people tend to add sugar to counteract the bitter taste.

Small flat whites and piccolo lattes actually topped Geraldine’s list as you have more options when it comes to milk, which can help reduce the fat content. And the fact that you are consuming less overall means you can still get your caffeine hit without blowing out the calorie count.

“If you want the taste, a little hit of caffeine and you are watching volume, I would choose a piccolo latte,” she explained.

What coffee should we avoid?

Of course, it’s obvious that the sweetest of the coffee in the menu should be the one to avoid. Mochas or anything that comes with a flavored shot instantly ups the sugar content in your cuppa.

“The problem with coffees that come with added caramel, vanilla or hazelnut flavoured syrups is these tend to be high in sugar,” she says, “and before you know it your calorie intake has increased.”

Some people opted for a Chai Latte because it has less caffeine, but unfortunately, chai’s contains a lot of sugar. That is why when you are looking for something sweeter to satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy list then Geraldine suggests you go with a cappuccino.

“They contain less sugar because there is only a sprinkle of chocolate on top and you can switch out the milk it’s made from too.”

Coffee has a lot of health benefits, but if we added to much sugar, creamer, milk and whipped cream the healthiness of the coffee can down its value, and it will cause an unhealthy effect to our body that may lead to negatively affecting our weight. So if you want to stay in shape and be healthy drink plain black coffee.