The Worlds Oldest Coffee Shops


Most of the time it’s nice to have long talks with history over a cup of coffee. It’s only not just enjoying a story, but at the same time, you are learning something while having a great cup of coffee.

So here’s a little history to read while you enjoy sipping your coffee. The top five oldest coffee in the world.

1. Café Le Procope, Paris (1686)

Café Le Procope, Paris Oldest Cafe In Paris
IMAGE courtesy of David L | Café Le Procope, Paris

Oh, Paris! Everyone wants to step on this land for they want to experience love while looking the magnificent Eifel Tower, and not just that Paris is also a city where you can shop luxe items, eat good food and drink great coffee. With that said Café Le Procope is one of Paris oldest cafe and possibly one of the oldest in the world. The cafe was known for hosting revolutionaries and intellectuals such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

2. Caffè Florian, Venice (1720)

 Caffè Florian, Venice Oldest cafe in the world
IMAGE courtesy of Deena H | Caffè Florian, Venice

Now let’s fly to Venice the floating city. Venice is a majestic city where their cities are not built directly on the islands. Instead, they were built upon wooden platforms that are supported by wooden stakes driven into the ground. Behind the floating building is a Caffè Florian, the only coffee house in 1720 who allowed women, that is why the coffee place is popular among coffee patrons like Lord Byron, Proust, and Dickens. Alongside Cafe le Procope, it is the oldest continuously-operated coffee house in the world.

3. Caffè Greco, Rome

Caffè Greco Oldest Coffee Shop In Rome
IMAGE courtesy of Caffè Greco FB   

The Antico Caffè Greco is a historic landmark café which opened in 1760 on Via dei Condotti in Rome, and this is one of the most elegant Cafes in the world. Caffè Greco is known for hosting Keats, Shelley, Lord Byron (he got around), Goethe, Wagner, Liszt, and Mendelssohn, among others.

4. Café Central, Vienna

 Café Central, Oldest Cafe in Vienna
IMAGE courtesy of Valerio M. | Café Central, Vienna

Café Central is a traditional Viennese café located at Herrengasse 14 in the Innere Stadt first district of Vienna, Austria. This Cafe is a popular historical landmark of Viennese cultural history, this cafe served as an incubator for prominent intellectuals including Freud, Lenin, and Trotsky.

5. Caffè Reggio, New York City

Caffe Reggio in NYC Oldest Coffee Shop In The World
IMAGE courtesy of Caffe Reggio Fb    

Did you know that the oldest coffee shop in America is in New York?Yes, situated in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is Caffè Reggio, and this is one of the oldest coffee shops in the United States. Caffè Reggio was opened in early 1927 at 119 Macdougal Street, New York City. This small Greenwich Village coffee house was home to the first espresso machine in the United States and remains proud of introducing America to the cappuccino.

There you go, guys, we hope this information added to your historical knowledge about coffee.

The World's Oldest Coffee Shops

Are you looking for your next coffee stop destination? Here are five of the World's Oldest Coffee Shops that you should check out on your next coffee trip.

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