Nowadays coffee is not just a part of our life but also becoming as a work of art. Coffee has become one of the most interesting subjects in social medias whereas social influencers made coffee as their niche on their Instagram, Facebook, and even blogs.

With more and more gadget and goodies entering the market, everyone one can showcase their habit in a stylish way and expertly executed.

Here are five cool items every coffee lovers should own to make the most attractive, and most functional items for your coffee needs.

Hand Grinder

Whatever the brew method you prefer, a freshly ground coffee beans to bring out the best to your coffee. When you’re only making a small amount of coffee, it is ideal to get a hand grinder for home use. But when you are thinking of getting the electrical grinder, this may alter the taste of your coffee since electrical grinders heat the beans while grinding.

Coffee Drip Scale With Timer

Coffee drip scale with a timer could be a luxury for some, but having this to your home will make your coffee making a lot easier. Coffee drip scale perfectly measures the weight of the coffee before steeping, a good guideline is one ounce of grinds per 16 ounces of water. Having a coffee drip scale with a built-in timer will let you time your steeping, so you don’t over-saturate, resulting in a less delicious cup of coffee than you could have.

Milk Frother

I can’t deny that I love my milk in my coffee that is why you’re like me, I suggest getting your own milk frother. This is handy in making your own au lait, which can be found in both electric handheld and manual pump varieties.

Double-Wall Glass Coffee Cups

If you think this is not necessary better think twice, these glasses make a stylish statement and they are a new favorite in the coffee community. They’re visually sleek and modern and quite practical since they’re heat resistant.

Pour Over Coffee Kettle

This is not your ordinary tea pot! Pour over kettles were engineered specifically for pour over brewing methods because of their long, slender spout that lets you have better control over how you saturate the grinds. Pour over coffee kettles also comes with a thermometer, which lets you know when the water is at the perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cool temp.