This Caffeinated Bagel Is Creating A Loud Noise In The Social Media

Caffeinated Bagels with egg and bacon

Heard about the Einstein Caffeinated Bagels? Well, this might new to you and for some, might already know this. Einstein Caffeinated Bagels is not a coffee drink, but it’s more than what you think.

The launched of the caffeinated bagels makes the carbs and coffee lovers jump for joy. If this is your first time hearing about this new craze, then you better have a try.

Einstein caffeinated bagels are the new favorite treats of coffee lovers because this is different from your usual cup of coffee. These bagels are pack with 32mg of caffeine and 13 grams of proteins. Caffeinated bagels give you an explosion mouthful of coffee grains.

You will surely satisfy your carbs and coffee cravings in this caffeinated bagels. If you want a more subtle taste, you can add a cream cheese to lessen the strong coffee taste.

What’s unique in this coffee bagels is that you are eating a food that is a time-saver more than anything else. No more having to eat and drink both your coffee and bagel in the morning because you already have it in just one bagel.

Caffeinated bagel is a one-two-punch combo that is perfect for people who are always on the go or needs fueling for a late night shift. Caffeinated bagel is a two-in-one caffeine and eating a carb-filled breakfast at the same time.

These bagels are infused with actual espresso, unlike coffee cake, which doesn’t actually contain caffeine despite the pastry’s name.

Curious about this caffeinated bagel? Check out Einstein Bros, they were the first to launched this amazing treat for coffee lovers.