This How Our Body Reacts When We Quit Caffeine

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We have discussed in our previous article the exact reason why caffeine is addictive? Now let see the effect of caffeine on our body when we stop taking caffeine?

Within 24 hours of quitting the drug, you will start to see the withdrawal symptoms, but you will feel this in a step by step process. The first indication that you are in the process of withdrawal, you will notice that you are mentally foggy and lack of alertness. Your muscles feel fatigued even you haven’t done strenuous activities, and you are more irritable than usual.

Eventually, as your body reacts negatively to not having a caffeine intake, you will randomly feel muscle pain, nausea and even vomiting and other flue like symptoms. Over the time of not taking caffeine, you will have a sudden feel of throbbing headache and making it difficult to concentrate on everything.

On the previous studies of drugs withdrawal of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental Disorders, they already included the effects of caffeine withdrawal as a mental disorder. Though the full reason of this is not yet fully understood, but the principle of caffeine addiction and withdrawal is “ the brain is used to operating in one set of conditions that depend on upon regular ingestion of caffeine. Suddenly, without the drug, the altered brain chemistry causes all sorts of problems, including the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache.”

Unlike heroin, cigarette and alcohol withdrawal that takes a longer process to overcome the quitting effects. But in caffeine it has shorter withdrawal effects It will just take a week or more, specifically 7 to 12 days symptoms before our body overcome and back to its normal cell balance without drinking any caffeine. During the process our brain will naturally decrease the excess adenosine receptors that build over time, this is due in responding to the sudden lack of caffeine ingestion. If you are willing to make a change and have the courage to go all the way in the process of withdrawal, stop yourself from having a cup of joe or tea and soon the level of your adenosine receptor in your brain will reset to their normal level, and your addiction will be broken.

Watch the video to fully understand the effects of caffeine withdrawal to our body