This single-serve espresso maker is better than your K-pods machine.

cafelat robot espresso maker

As a coffee lover, we are always looking for a coffee maker that is easy to use and can give us our perfect cup of coffee. And nowadays it’s a plus when we found a coffee maker that is also eco-friendly.

When we look for coffee machines, we often opted for a single serve coffee machine that is why coffee pods are popular these days. However, coffee pods are not eco-friendly and end a pile of plastic garbages.

Thanks for the new technology because there is now an espresso maker that does not use plastic coffee pods.

A Hong Kong based coffee company Cafelat has launched its Cafelat Robot, that makes an espresso eliminating the need for plastic coffee pods. Cafelat Robot is a manual coffee maker that gives its users a high-quality espresso with just ground coffee and hot water.

The coffee robot first created in 2015, and it was designed for freshly ground coffee that you can buy to your local grocer or coffee merchants, which aims to eliminate the use of plastic capsules.

Cafelat Robot has no difference to mechanical coffee maker when it comes to coffee quality, the Cafelat Robot works with just hot water, and ground coffee, which is turned into a biodegradable “coffee puck” after use.

Paul Pratt, the founder of Cafelat, said: “Do not be fooled by the toy-like cutesy Robot looks, the robot means business and is capable of pulling espresso shots like a professional machine.”

The first launch of Cafelat Robot has beaten its fundraising target in Kickstarter. Each coffee robot costs from 1,870 dollars (around £170), and the devices are estimated to be available by September 2018.