Top 4 Spring & Easter Dessert Recipes for 2020


It’s been quite the Spring season already, and now that Easter is upon us, we’ve all had to adjust our typical traditions. One thing probably won’t change – Easter dinner. And no Easter dinner is complete without the perfect dessert (to enjoy over coffee, of course!).

If you’re still considering what to make for you and whomever you will be celebrating at home with – or you’re just curious to see some amazing recipes to make this Spring – put that old apple pie from the grocery store idea to rest and check out our top 4 recipes for spring 2020:

Easter Pavlova from The Whole Fabulous.
The melt in your mouth taste of pavlova meringue is hard to beat. It’s light and you can add any of your favourite berries or fruit (or chocolate) on top. These pavlovas are nest style in light of the season with tiny mini eggs or jelly beans to give them that Easter flare.

Easter Basket Milkshake from Salty Canary
Every child (and adult) will drop jaws at the creativeness of these milkshakes – they’re definitely Instaworthy. Using a hollowed chocolate bunny and your preferred Easter candies (or use them all) you’ll make quite a few people happy when you bring these out for dessert.

Creme Egg Rocky Road Bars from
These bars are nothing short of heaven. Another bar covered in any Easter treat you can think of! Just don’t forget the Creme Egg and marshmallows. Be sure to hide a few to enjoy later when you’re all alone and want a midnight snack.

Bunny Donuts from
These bunny donuts are absolutely adorable! Don’t deny that part of you won’t want to eat these little guys at all! But you will because they taste delicious! Make these bunnies at any point this Spring to treat you or your family and friends.