Top Five Best Supermarket Coffee Brands

Best Supermarket Coffee

Coffee aficionados often say to have a great tasting coffee you should not settle for less and choose only the freshest high-quality coffee beans. However, many of us don’t have a lot of time to go to local coffee merchants and buy a bag of coffee beans, and most of the time we buy our bag of coffee in our local grocery stores or supermarkets.

Buying your coffee at the supermarket gives you convenience, and there are a lot of varieties you can choose

We listed some of the best coffee you can buy in most supermarkets to help you score your perfect cup.

1. Folgers $8 ($.21/ounce)

Folgers coffee

Folgers is one of the classics when it comes to its taste. If you want a dark roast coffee then this if the coffee for you. It has faint chocolate notes in the aroma and no disconcerting latex paint notes, and you can find it to almost in all store racks. Their French Roast blend ranked #1 on the Huffington Post’s list of best store-bought French roast coffee, mainly because of it’s “pleasant flavors.”

2. Illy Dark Roast, $15 ($1.70/ounce)

Illy coffee, dark roast

Illy coffee is another score in the store, pulling on the tub will give you a satisfyingly audible gasp. You won’t get wrong with this coffee even cream lovers could skip it with this brew. The beans are ground espresso-fine, and its aroma has a hint of bright fruit, It’s not complicated, but the coffee brews up mellow and rich, with a hint of smoke, a touch of acidity on the finish, and no trace of bitterness.

3. Lavazza Gran Selezione, $11 ($.92/ounce):

Lavazza Gran Selezione

Speaking of freshly brewed coffee, Lavazza is on top of their game. Their coffee smells like toasted bread, or maybe poundcake that very pleasing that is perfect for breakfast. The flavor is smooth and rich, although not complex, with a bracing acidity on the finish.

4. Starbucks Caffe Verona, $13 ($1.12/ounce)

Starbucks Caffe Verona

Starbucks has many varieties of coffee that are available at supermarkets and to their store. Starbucks Caffe Verona is one of a kind which brings a deliciously balanced taste. This variety of coffee is smoother than the French Roast from Peet’s, with pronounced hints of fruity berries complemented by dark chocolate notes.

5. Caribou (Mahogany Dark Roast), $7 ($.58/ounce)

 Caribou (Mahogany Dark Roast)

This coffee is very smooth with minimal acidity and balanced enough to drink it black, but very pronounced smoky notes and a touch of bitterness, all balanced deliciously by honey-floral tones.

Buying coffee in the supermarket can save you a lot of money plus you can enjoy exploring the different varieties and the many flavors you choose from the aisle.