The Most Trendy Coffee Shops in Dubai.

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These trendy coffee shops in Dubai is not your average place for a cup of coffee, and here is why?

Dubai, one of the wealthiest country in the world where you can see Lamborghini and sports cars rolling on the street, and a lion as a pet, a city with a magnificent structure of buildings, and a nation that is rich in oil it is no wonder the city has seen with a lot of luxury, and their coffee shops are one of a kind.

Let us take a look at the most trendy coffee shops in Dubai.

Omnia Gourmet

Omnia Gourmet located in,  Al Souq, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour is not an average place to get your coffee. The coffee shop illuminates a stylish vibe for the guest. The enchanting cafe has a whimsical decor of beautiful tiled walls and the foliage hanging from the roof and one of a kind gourmet menu which makes them unique from their competitors.

Omnia Gourmet meticulously outsource their ingredients locally to deliver the best quality of refined and exotic food to the palate. Omnia is well known to bring brinner to the table of which is a new concept of making breakfast and dinner into one. They also offer a selection of coffee from a traditionally brewed coffee to Instagramable selection of latte which compliments their brinner menu.

The Sum Of Us

An Instagram heaven at the urban center of Dubai which showcases not just a cafe, but also a roastery and bakery, in the buzzing street of Dubias’ World Trade Center.

The Sum Of Us is an independent coffee shop that delivers a specialty coffee for coffee lovers. Their place is large and beautiful with an industrial feel into it with large counters where costumers conveniently order, and they have the clear glass chamber of which costumers can see their inhouse roasting facility.

This coffee shop focuses on the quality of food and coffee, that is why it is no wonder, it is one of the favorite coffee places for coffee lovers in, Dubai.

Depresso Cafe, Dubai

Depresso is not depressing as it sounds this cafe in Jumeria Road is adorable with their Instagram-worthy drinks, and donut on top is selfie-ready.

This cafe is a cool place to hangout they have customized cups which are trendy and cool to share on your Instagram feed, and who does not love coffee and donuts. This cafe is truly a trendsetter in the business.

Vogue Cafe, Dubai

Vogue s one of the leading fashion magazines for the runways, and high-end brands opened their store in Dubai Mall. So expect their cafe to be glamorous with flawless decor, perfect tone palette of coffee and cream, clean-lined marble tables, and the imposing 3-D pyramidic design of the coffee bar. You will have a glimpse and feel of what is happening on the runway in this cafe.