What happens when we add oil to our morning coffee?


Health issues are one of the hottest topics in the society especially in the field of losing weight. In today’s world where everybody is very cautious about what they are taking into their body, businesses are making dietary supplements from capsules, powder and liquid form.

So there’s no surprise when there is a new product that is sold in the market talking about helping you to lose weight especially when it’s related to coffee.

There is a new craze today where people are putting oil in their morning coffee, and this is associated again with losing weight.

MCT oil or medium-chain triglyceride is the newest product today that people are adding to their coffee. This oil is commonly added to make a Bullet Proof Coffee recipe, which involves blending the brew with MCTs and grass-fed butter.

This MCT oil is used by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Busy Philipps, and Emma Stone, and people who are in keto diet.

Because of its chemical structure, the oil can be digested faster than other fats such as olive oil, says Danielle DeSimone, a nutrition coach and personal trainer based in Brooklyn.

“MCT oil … helps give us fast, long-lasting energy,” says DeSimone, who has her clients add a teaspoon of the oil to their coffee or other foods twice a day to curb cravings for sugary foods and carbs that cause insulin to spike.

A preliminary research has suggested that MCT oil can be satiating, but no study has proven that MCT oil helps people lose weight or increases brain function, and some experts remain skeptical, especially since the oil contains saturated fat, which has been linked to increased risk of heart disease.

MCT Oil for bullet proof coffee

Dietitian Maya Feller tells her clients to skip the MCT trend.

“People think it’s kind of this savior, but the science is not completely conclusive,” Feller said. “If you have a known increased risk of cardiovascular disease — or if you’ve already had a heart attack — you should be especially wary of adding MCT oil to your diet until further research is complete,” she added.

Though Bullet Proof coffee provides energy but relying too much on it can lead to “disaster pants,” a reference to how taking too much MCT oil can wreak havoc on the digestive system.

“Our stomach is used to the long-chain triglycerides [such as vegetable oil], so that’s why I tell people to start small with just a teaspoon twice a day,” DeSimone says.

Feller suggested that if you want to join the MCT bandwagon you should talk first to a medical professional about how to keep your diet well-balanced.

“I want to see people getting a wider range of vitamins and minerals than just a cup of coffee with MCT oil in the morning,” she says. “By limiting your diet in general you have to be aware of what’s missing.”

We can put a lot of stuff in our coffee from sugar, cream, and other spices but always take precaution, do a thorough research, and ask the help of professionals for your coffee adventure especially when talking about health.

Source: New York Post