What is special about the flat white coffee?

Flat White COffee

How do you drink your coffee? We have different preferences on how we like our coffee some like black, others like espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha and more.

Nowadays the world of coffee is evolving keeping the classic and developing new ways to be timely in today’s generations. Like the rise of the flat white coffee, well this might be your first time hearing it, or this might be your new favorite coffee drink, or you already see this on the menu but didn’t bother to try it. We say that you need to try this coffee if you haven’t tried it yet.

Flat white has become an emblem of the millennials, and this coffee drink started in Australia, and New Zealand then made its way to the US.

So what is unique about this coffee drink?

Well, it is a coffee, but “not just coffee”, as journalist Harriet Marsden likes to put it.

Flat white is a mixture of a double shot of espresso blended with steaming and slightly frothed organic milk, according to the McDonald’s UK website.

The uniqueness of this coffee is how was made that start with the milk, “only the whole milk should be used, and the milk-heating technique has to be perfect. It should be heated to about 65 degrees.”

According to Lavazza’s head of training Dave Cutler, the milk “needs to be very well-stretched and well spun to make sure it has plenty of tight bubbles – a microfoam – which makes it very, very creamy.”

“Whole milk is steamed and folded through the coffee, creating a velvety texture before the drink is presented, usually with latte art on the surface,” Cutler adds.

Flat white is becoming more popular with the public not just where it’s rooted, but also widely spread worldwide.

“Since its arrival into the UK, the popularity of this now king-of-coffees has skyrocketed. This can be put down to the fact that the public’s interest in coffee, in general, has seen unprecedented growth,” says, Andrew Knight, founder of independent coffee roaster Andronicas.

“People now understand the difference between a really great coffee and a substandard one.”

And because of the popularity of the drink coffee aficionados predict that there may come a time that flat white may challenge the “global ubiquity of the cappuccino and the American consumerist latte.”

What can you say about the flat white coffee? Will it overshadow the coffee classics in the future?