What To Look For When Buying A Coffee Machine?


Choosing the right coffee maker is a long and winding road for most coffee drinkers. Most of us buy coffee machines because it was referred by a friend, or we are sold out because of advertisement. Choosing the right coffee makers for us is not just easy as window shopping but instead before buying you need to know what you need and the characteristic of the coffee machine. So, here’s a guide on how to choose the right coffee maker for you.

Coffee machines came in three different types:

1. Coffee Capsule

This is the most popular type of coffee machine for the millennials. This coffee machine is easy to use, create a little mess and produce great tasting coffee. Coffee capsules uses pod to produce coffee.

What’s more great about this type of coffee machine is that the pods or, the capsules are pre-packaged to stay fresh, and can last up to nine months. The pods also offer a wide variety of coffee flavors that contain a mixture of blended, grounded and roasted coffee, all in perfect quantities. All you need to do is simply place the pod in the machine and it does the rest. Hot water is forced through the capsule, releasing the flavor and extracting the coffee into the cup below.

2. Pump Espresso Machine

If you’re an espresso lover, and you are addicted to it, then this is the machine for you. The only downside to pump espresso machine is that it requires a lot of work and needs a freshly ground coffee beans so, that’s another factor to consider, but this coffee machine gives you full control to experiment more.

Hot water is forced through tightly-packed coffee grounds producing a strong and rich cup of coffee. Some pump espresso machine also features a “frother” which allows you to experiment with café latte and cappuccino. But if you want a less work and does all the work for you, then it is better to get the pod model.

3. Drip Coffee Machine

Most homeowners have this kind of coffee maker, they work by filling a chamber with water which is then dripped onto the ground coffee – usually held in a small basket. A reusable or paper filter is used to prevent any debris finding it’s way into the end product.

Drip coffee machine is a great way to make brewed coffee quickly and easily but the filters do need changing after each brew. The only downside of this coffee machine is that it requires more work and cleaning.