What’s behind the glamour of the glitter coffee trend?

The glitter coffee by Di Bella
Diamond and Gold Cappuccino by Di Bella

In the world of social media, there is no stopping you to go viral and make you famous overnight. As long as you are creative with a unique style, there is no doubt that you can win the hearts of the nitizens around you.

Like the new craze for coffee lovers the glitter coffee trend where it instantly goes viral last November 2018, and up today it was still the talk of the town.

The glitter coffee trend was debuted in an India coffee chain called Coffee by Di Bella in Mumbai. This glittery coffee is called Diamond and Gold Cappuccino. The coffee drink looks fancy and delicate, but the stores signature coffee drink is created in the same format as a normal cappuccino — a double espresso topped with decorative steamed milk foam — but then the warm concoction is finished off with a small spoonful of glitter to give the drink its signature shine.

Coffee By Di Bella is an Australian specialty coffee company and currently expanding throughout India, opening roughly five new stores every three months.

The glitter coffee gains some serious attention on social media with people begging the chain to expand across shores.

Rahul Leekha, Coffee By Di Bella’s director spoke to TODAY Food saying: “As a brand we’re constantly innovating and making sure we give our customers something new and exciting, we understand the importance of social media and make sure our products are Insta-friendly.”

Netizens went gaga over in twitter asking baristas across the globe to re-create these Insta-fab concoctions.

I hope there’s a place in the city that starts serving glitter cappuccino because it is obviously a thing I need.


— Alice (@alicetan) November 6, 2017

If there’s one thing I need in my life right now it’s definitely a glitter cappuccino.


— Rae ✨ (@marvlix) November 6, 2017

…….i want a glitter cappuccino so badly


— femi @ nano ✨?? (@femivevo) November 5, 2017

yeah sign me the heck up for a glitter cappuccino


— bekah (@BekahKaulitz) November 5, 2017

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