What’s The Big Deal About French Press?

french press

For those who have never tried using a french press, you may be unsure if it’s for you. 

The modern french press is a straightforward machine that has a glass or stainless-steel container, a stainless-steel mesh at the top, and a lid with a movable plunger at the top. It is trendy throughout Europe and is gathering a following in Canada and the US. 

Most who use the french press does so because it creates a richer, more flavorful coffee since it does not use a filter like a regular drip-style machine, which prevents the natural flavor from the grounds from being filtered out. 

There are other advantages to using a french press besides a more robust flavored coffee. They are quite small and can be taken almost anywhere and don’t require an electrical connection. This makes them perfect for taking along on camping or hiking trips since you can heat the water over a fire. French presses are also great for those who are a little pickier with their cup of coffee since you can control the temperature of the water used, the size of the grounds, and the amount of time that the coffee grounds steep.

Along with all the advantages, of course, there are some limitations as well. The biggest one being that it’s going to take more time for your coffee-fix to be ready to drink. For those who are half-asleep and in a rush in the mornings, the manual effort involved in using a french press may be an unattractive idea. If you are making coffee for a large group, you may be better suited to using a percolated machine as well. 

Although using a french press can be a little more time consuming, it’s not a complicated process. It’s best to freshly grind your coffee beans to use in a french press. The type of grind you use depends on your taste. Please don’t use too fine of a grind as this can make it too strong and bitter. It may take a few tries before you find the right type and number of grind for you.

  1. The first step is to heat the water, which is best heated to 195-205 degrees; however, you can also heat it to a full boil and let it cool off a bit to the temperature you prefer. 
  2. Next, grind the beans and add the grounds to the french press. It may be best to use a measuring cup or scale to get the perfect coffee to water ratio. Stir the mixture a bit to make sure that all the grounds are wet. 
  3. Put the top on but keep the plunger up and leave to steep to your desired taste.  
  4. After steeping, you can remove the grounds from the top if you like a lighter tasting coffee, or stir them in for a more robust flavor. 
  5. Finally, press the plunger to the bottom, pour your cup, and enjoy!

If you are interested in trying the french press, here are a few ideas of the best currently on the market.

  • Kona French Press Coffee Maker

    This press has an insulated outer sleeve, which makes it quite durable. It comes in 12 or 34- ounce options and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

  • Bodum Brazil Coffee Maker

    A budget-friendly option that will still make a great cup of coffee, the Bodum makes 34-ounces of coffee and is also dishwasher safe.

  • Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press

    Here is a great one for the person on the go. This is a 15-ounce press that is built right into its travel mug, which allows you to make a fresh cup of coffee almost anywhere. The container is insulated and comes in a variety of colors.

  • Frieling Double Wall French Press

    Not only is this press attractive looking, but the pot is stainless steel and fully insulated to keep your brew hot a lot longer than glass. It also comes with a double-screen filter of mesh to reduce any grainy texture.
  • SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup

    A very durable press which has heat resistant glass. It can make a liter of coffee at a time and is very easy to clean.