Why your morning coffee is the worst cup of the day?


We often say that our morning java is the only thing awakes us in the morning, our day will not be complete without sipping that morning cup.

However, sometimes our morning coffee seems like it doesn’t kick in, and we feel tired, crabby, and not just in the mood for the day. If you observe these coffee manifestations after your morning java maybe the 7 a.m is not your perfect time for your cuppa, and you should change the time to your first sip of coffee.

There is a reason why your morning coffee seems doesn’t work with you anymore.

Morning is the best time that our body produces the most cortisol, and this is the staff which awakens us and keep us out of bed in the morning. Naturally, our production of the hormone reaches high at around 8 am. So when we drink coffee in the morning, it blocks the production of cortisol making it produce less than increasing it. That is why when you drink coffee in the morning, you’re negating one energy source with another.

When you keep on drinking your morning java your body will start to rely on caffeine rather than letting cortisol do its job – and that’s where caffeine dependence kicks in.

coffee break with friends

So if you find you’re unproductive after your morning coffee that might be because you replaced your bodies natural cortisol with caffeine instead of adding to it, meaning you are not fully alert without drinking your morning java.

Another reason why you feel lethargic is that you might have iron deficiency. A new study by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition suggests coffee might interrupt your body’s ability to properly absorb iron.

And according to the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m A Doctor programme, nutrition scientist Professor Paul Sharp from King’s College said that consuming coffee with an iron-rich breakfast made it harder for the body to reap the benefits.

Because coffee contains a natural chemical called polyphenols, that is essential in binding to iron and making it less soluble.

Professor Sharp suggests that if you have things like fortified cereals, wholegrain bread, nuts or lean meats and fish for breakfast, you might be better off washing it all down with “a small glass of orange juice or an orange to help increase your iron uptake.chicken
“You might also want to consider postponing your morning coffee at least 30 minutes after you’ve eaten.”

According to experts, they said that the best time to consume your coffee is not in the morning, but it’s between 2 pm and 5 pm because during this time our cortisol levels start to slide and we already need the help of coffee.

But of course, if you are sensitive to caffeine, and can’t sleep during night time you should avoid drinking coffee late in the afternoon, but if you do a regular coffee break in the afternoon you might want to try switching your morning Joe to an afternoon cuppa, and see the difference.

Source The Sun