Which is better coffee or tea?|Health Benefits

Image by toodlingstudio from Pixabay

The health benefits of our favorite beverages is an undying topic in the public whether drinking coffee or tea is good for our body, and another discussion is, which is better coffee or tea?

Many of us have different preferences to our beverage some likes coffee because of its robust taste that they cannot get from tea, and others prefer tea over coffee because it is milder and they say it is beneficial than coffee. Because of these choices, it has become a discussion among tea and coffee lovers, which of the two beverages is better for the health?

Coffee and tea are both have health benefits, and most likely, they have the same nutrients. However, drinkers have mixed emotions with one another on which is a healthier cup? So, let us take a look at which is better coffee or tea?

“Shennong was resting under the shade of a Camellia sinensis tree, boiling water to drink when dried leaves from the tree floated into the water pot, changing the water’s color. Shennong tried the infusion and was pleased by its flavor and restorative properties.“- University of Cambridge

There were many stories on the discovery of tea and how was started as a medicine, but the question, is tea better than coffee?

In China, they adopted the culture of drinking tea and pass it through generations. Chinese drink tea for indigestion, weight loss, boost the immune system, and a preventive measure to some diseases.

Many people believed that tea is beneficial than coffee, but when we compare the two beverage, they have the same nutritional properties.

There are a lot of studies on the health benefits of coffee, and some of the benefits which we are already familiar to them are; coffee is a preventive measure to liver cancer, Parkinson disease, hypertension, type two diabetes and more.

Because of the health benefits of coffee, a lot of people are hooked-up into drinking. Some studies have already proven that coffee is good for health if we drink in moderation.

The nutritional properties of coffee and tea are identical if the coffee has antioxidant properties, which is beneficial to our health the same as to tea that also contains antioxidant properties.

Antioxidant serve as body shield from free radicals to keep us young and looking healthy.

If coffee has caffeine, tea has caffeine too.

Caffeine is not bad, for the health, in fact, the caffeine boost other beneficial properties of coffee as well on tea. Caffeine boosts our immune system and can also serve as a psychoactive drug, which can be a pain reliever or antidepressant. However, too much caffeine to our body can lead to a dangerous side effect.

Tea has digestive healing properties, likewise with coffee.

Common health benefits of tea are the digestive healing qualities which are proven effective. The same with coffee it is said it helps with the digestive system, however, there is s stronger evidence, of the healing properties of tea than the coffee.

So for the question which is better coffee or tea?

It still depends on the person who is drinking, but for me, coffee is a better choice than tea because tea is like drinking water, and coffee provides the boosts that I need for the day.