Why does coffee the devil’s drink?

Turkish coffee with coffee beans
Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

It is crazy how our favorite cup of coffee has gone through many obstacles before it is acknowledged by the world. In the early ages drinking coffee was considered forbidden, like drinking alcohol, for it is believed by the religious group that taking prohibited drinks attracts the devil which creates havoc in fear and suspicion, and religious disquiet and hypocrisy.

The turn of events happens in Mecca in 1511. Mecca is situated in the desert valley of Western Saudi Arabia, and the city where Prophet Mohammad was born. The city is considered the Holiest ground in the region of Islam, and it is where the place of Muhammad’s first revelation of the Quran. – Wikipedia

The coffee revolution was taken place during the time of the Meccan governor Khair Beg. The ban of drinking coffee was during the time of the Meccan governor who was petrified by the idea that coffee might start an opposition under his rulership when men come together for gatherings, and they might discuss his failures as a leader. Because of the governors’ irrationality begun the coffee association, resulted in treason and revolution. The decree made to the public is called Haraam declaring that partaking in drinking coffee is sinful. However, due to this event, it has become a long contention to the world for it lasted about thirteen years of debate on whether coffee is intoxicating or it’s only a humbug to create a rage on the culture.

The very long discussion about whether coffee is good or evil has taken a very long debate it was until 1524 when the decree was revoked under the mandate of the Ottoman Turkish Sultan Selim I, with Grand Mufti Mehmet Ebussuud el-İmadi proclaiming a fatwa (an Islamic law) to concede coffee to be drunk again. The Meccan governor Beg had released from his throne due to his unreasonable actions commanded by the Sultan himself, who then states that coffee is to be acknowledged as sacred.

Another rubbish event had germinated about drinking coffee in the European country not so far away from Mecca where drinking coffee is a lucrative drink in Venice in the Mediterranean region, but it is not about the price which makes it bizarre, it was the declaration that drinking coffee viewed as the “devils drink.”

The word-of-the-mouth was widespread in the continent’s people back then started to be curious about the said drink, and in the 16th century when the coffee has reached the Mediterranian region, it had created a new controversy that coffee is a “devils drink.” The phenomenon had begun when the clergymen from the Catholic group were talking about espresso to be satanic and requested to the Pope to ban the drink from the public.

Because of the gossip, Pope Clement VIII who was the Catholic Pope that time needs to address the matter he sampled coffee for himself and decreed that it was indeed a Christian as well as a Muslim drink. On tasting it he wittily declared: “This devil’s drink is so delicious… we should cheat the devil by baptizing it!” From then on, coffee has been dubbed the “devil’s drink.” historyextra.com

It’s crazy how our favorite drink has gone through a lot of trials, exorcist, hoax, and more before it is open to the public. Thanks to those who fought that coffee is not a sinful beverage, but it is a wonderful drink with a lot of health benefits that should be enjoyed by all.