Why Drink Hot Coffee During Summer

why drink yot coffee in the summer

During summer time, we often look for a cold drink for refreshments, and during the hot season, iced coffee is a well-loved drink to beat the summer heat.

But did you know that the best beverage to drink on hot days is a hot beverage? Sounds Ironic? Well, there’s an explanation about that and here’s why.

The Science Of Us explains that hot beverages have counterintuitive cooling powers. And Sweating is our body way of cooling off. Canadian researchers explained “when your body senses a change in temperature, it sends signals to the brain to kick-start sweat production. Then after the sweat evaporates from your skin, your body cools down.”

What is the correlation of drinking hot beverage to hot temperature?

When we drink hot coffee or hot tea, our body reacts, when our stomach senses the hot liquid, that’s where our body sweat glands react making us feel cooler after our first sip, but keep in mind that the cooling effect if drinking a hot beverage will not always work if you’re already drenched in sweat. The reason behind that is because the additional sweat from drinking hot coffee would likely drip to the ground instead of doing its job—that is, evaporating.

So if you are feeling hot during the summer drink hot coffee to cool down, but if you’re too sweaty to handle a hot cup of coffee better drink an iced coffee.