Why Invest in a Coffee Machine?

Why invest in a coffee maker?
Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

If you are still thinking about whether to invest or not in a coffee machine, this article will help you to decide if you should buy a coffee machine or not. But honestly, do not be hard on yourself because if you drink three or more cups of coffee a day, and if coffee is your daily dose of morning pick me up then the answer to your doubtful mind in “Yes,” you should buy a coffee maker.

And if you are the kind of person who spends $100 a day in the coffee shop, and that is more or less $3000 a month for just a cup of coffee, you should start thinking in investing to the best coffee machine that ideally suits what you need.

Of course, investing in a coffee maker is not just a piece of cake. Coffee machines are pricey, that is why it is necessary to choose wisely on your first purchase of coffee maker.

Before we get into the coffee machine recommendation, let us take a look first the factors on what to consider when buying a coffee maker.

Brand and Type

The first factor to consider is not the price, but the brand and type. There are many kinds of coffee makers, and each of them is specially devised to bring satisfaction to the palate. If you are the kind of coffee lover that always go for espresso, you should invest in a dedicated espresso machine, but if you are the classic type black coffee person a regular coffee maker will perfectly match you, and if you love easy cappuccino, dulce de gusto, the single-serve pods coffee machine like the Keurig is the absolute best for you.

When investing in your very first coffee machine, the ideal type for you is the single-serve coffee makers, because of the single-serve coffee machines are user-friendly, that is why they are perfect for new investors.


It is not because of the look why you bought the coffee maker, but when investing in a coffee machine, you should have a mutual understanding. You should invest in a coffee machine that will be compatible with your lifestyle which you can easily modify, and enjoy the use of it. Don’t spend on something that will end in your storage.

Nowadays there are a lot of choices of coffee makers in the market, and if you are eyeing for a single-serve coffee maker, you will not get a hard time. Single-serve coffee makers are mostly flexible, which you can use pod/capsule-based, and ground coffee as well.

Water Reservoir Capacity

If you think the water tank of coffee machine is not necessary, then you are wrong because if you are after for the convenience the capacity of the water reservoir is a crucial factor, especially for the single-serve coffee maker.

You should consider the number of coffee cups you consume per day, or how many people you have at home. Let us say you have a three-person at home drinking coffee then you need to check the amount of water reservoir space where you do not refill the tank frequently. Having three coffee consumer at home needs 40oz or 50oz or water reservoir.

The Brewing Features and Controls

There are times that we want a big cup of coffee, and sometimes a small cup of coffee, that is why it is important to check the brewing feature and controls of the coffee machine before purchasing. Nowadays there a lot of advance coffee machines you can buy in the market which gives you excellent brewing features. Coffee machines with high performance allow you to choose your brewing sizes like 6oz and 8oz and even Carafe-size.

Coffee Brewing Control

If you are not too particular to your brewing method, then a regular simple coffee machine will be convenient for you, but if you like a bolder cup of coffee, it is better to have a coffee machine with coffee brewing control buttons for you to modify the coffee strength according to your liking.


The budget is the most crucial factor. When buying a coffee machine, you need to consider all the factors written above. The high-end the coffee machine with a lot of button modifications expect to pay a whopping price. Of course, the brand also needs to consider because different brands offer different prices. And the quality needs to be considered, invest in a coffee maker that you can use for a long time. However, you have an option to choose a cheaper price, but make sure that it can stand the test-of-time, and deliver the best coffee according to your preferences. Invest in things that can make you happy, and gives you satisfaction.

Now that we have a background on how to choose the best coffee maker, our recommendation for the single-serve coffee machine is the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Via Amazon

The Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System can deliver all the important factors enumerated above which brew different beverages in different sizes— 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz. It has a 48oz water reservoir which is a big water tank, that will give the convenience to brew multiple cups of coffee, without refilling every now and then.

Because of the easy button features of this coffee machine, it will take you no time to master the use of it. You can also schedule the coffee maker to turn on and turn off at particular times, offering the best accessibility.

The Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System is a compact machine, with dimensions of 14 x 11 x 13 inches. You can place it anywhere from the smallest kitchen, pantry, or office coffee station. It has four different colors – black, blue, rhubarb, patriot, coconut white they can be easily matched, with a color palette, in your kitchen equipment and décor.

This coffee machine has a removable drip tray which is very handy especially if you love to change the size of your mug every now and then which can easily work with standard mugs as well as travel mugs. If you like freshly ground the coffee, you have an option for that too.